7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Dirt Bike Gear

Dirt bike gear is constantly evolving. Better ventilation caused by highly developed fabrics, a variety of different fits, and extremely varied prices has turned buying a simple jersey into a complex task. Can a set of gear that seems so simple effect your riding that much? Possibly! Today we have put together 7 aspects you should keep in mind whilst buying dirt bike gear in 2018.

What Discipline Do You Ride?

The first step to choosing the perfect set of gear is establishing which discipline of riding you will be primarily focusing on.

If you are a motocross racer looking for a set of gear to withstand your 30 minute motos. You may want to consider choosing a lightweight, high performance set of gear that will allow for maximum ventilation and minimize fatigue on the hot summer days. Whereas if you are an enduro racer, you will be more lenient towards a heavier duty material to withstand the harsh riding conditions and long periods on the bike that you’ll be pushing through.

Which Fabric Will Suit Your Discipline?

Many brands have crafted a variety of fabrics to meet your needs, and create the perfect set of gear to match your discipline of choice.

Although fabrics may seem like a simple part of your set up, choosing the right one for your riding style can be crucial to the longevity of your investment. Decades of development has went into finding a way to create durable, yet comfortable riding gear. When searching for lightweight, hot weather performance, look no further material such as Fox’s own TruMotion material. A material such as this allows the rider to have a maximum airflow throughout the body, and feel an unrestricted sense of movability.

This may be great for a hot day out on the track, but once you are thrown into a tough day full of sticks, stones, and hill climbs on the trail, you may want to sacrifice weight for durability to make sure your gear can make it to the end of your ride. Many brands will offer both high-end motocross based materials, and rugged off-road fabric.

What Climate Are You Riding In?

The climate that you are riding in will play a huge factor in your final decision when buying a new kit. Most gear manufacturers will provide you with a several options for a variety of riding conditions ranging from humid summer days, to mid-winter snow rides.

When focusing on choosing gear for the summer, you will want to look for a set of gear with excellent breathability and ventilation; allowing air to cool you whilst your body heat is released. Yet, this would be an unpleasant experience if riding through damp, cold conditions. For this, you would look for wind resistant, water wicking materials to keep you at a comfortable temperature whilst riding. A variety of off-road specific jackets are also available for the extremely frigid days.

There are so many different fits, which should you choose?

You may also like to think about the fit of the gear before purchasing.

Over the last few years we have seen the introduction of a form fitting option opposed to the classic, loose fitting gear style. Not only is this a style factor, but it also has its benefits as well. Tighter gear is usually the professional gear in a brand’s lineup, coming in at a much higher price range. Yet, with a much lighter feel, tapered shoulders, next level breathability and the ability to limit chafing; the investment can be definitely be worth it! If you’re looking for the classic fit jersey, you have to be ready to sacrifice performance, but you will also be saving a considerable amount of money.

Will Price Make a Big Difference in Performance?

As briefly mentioned prior, the more expensive gear will provide you with many features that a low budget option will not provide. Right off of the bet, you are guaranteed extreme levels of comfort whilst wearing the gear. Low weight, seamless designs, and innovative materials will make your ride all the more enjoyable. Yet, you can still find some amazing options on a smaller budget. Moisture wicking fabrics, an extent of breathability, and a reasonably lightweight set of gear has become industry standard in even the cheapest sets.

What Styles Are Trending At The Moment?

Just as much as comfort, many riders like to look good whilst riding. You’re looking to add some extra style to your riding, maybe with inspiration from riders such as Axell Hodges or Ken Roczen? Well, form fitting gear has become the new trend of 2018. This style of gear often gives off a very clean, professional look that cannot be achieved by others options. Simple designs and few colors are also a great way to give off a pro-level look! Remember, it’s about the riding experience, but let’s not count this out!

Let’s talk gloves!

With all of this talk about jerseys and pants, let’s not forget about the 3rd piece to finish off your kit. Lately, we have seen an enormous increase in manufacturers creating gloves and gloves only. The best example is the Factory Yamaha supercross team and their title sponsor Kinetic. With the constant grip of your motorcycle, gloves are the most efficient way to avoid blisters and sore hands.

Gloves have come a long way, drastically decreasing in weight, yet becoming more durable than ever. Many brands have introduced the rubberless, pure fabric gloves that provide extreme comfort yet hold up for moto after moto. Although, they do not provide much protection from roost, or a branch. Consistent testing has led to minimizing hand fatigue and limiting the ability to have raw hands once your day of riding is over.

Many brands will also offer an Enduro spec glove, designed completely to deflect branches off of your knuckles through hard outer knuckle protection. They may be less comfortable, but they’re a great wait to avoid injury on the trail and cheap alternative to hand guards.

So What Does This All Mean?

In conclusion, there are many great options for dirt bike gear in 2018. You will be able to find great quality in the lower price range, and superb quality in higher price ranges if desired! I hope this helped you decide on your new kit for the season.

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Martin is the CEO of Motocross Advice. He is a life-long professional rider with experience over 20 years. He also likes to write about his experiences and knowledge on different Motocross related topics.

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