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Top 7 Best Car Subwoofers (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

Does your car audio sound appear to be lifeless, does it always fail to give you the audio sound which you always crave for? Well, if it does, then it is high time to give your vehicle a new car subwoofer and breathe some life into it. You can make your commute playlist sound like a real live concert as you move down the country side. Here in this segment we are going to discuss some points and tips regarding how to purchase the best car subwoofer and determining what the best car subwoofer for you is.

Car subwoofers are mainly large speakers having diameters ranging from 8 inches to 15 inches. The login which is followed here is that the larger the subwoofer the lower is the range of frequency. Experts say that anything in between 10 inches to 12 inches is considered to be an adequate subwoofer as it easily allows audio enthusiasts to reach 20 Hz basement. Determining the best car subwoofer is a combination of specs, build quality and more.

Also, having a sub woofer means that you would have to give focus on the power handling ratings as they need more power to function. Plus you would also have to consider the kind of enclosure you want it to be installed as for the simple reason that most vehicles lack pre-made mount for such additions. The kind of enclosure influences the bass as well as the audio quality which you want to experience.

car subwoofers

List of 7 Best Car Subwoofers Reviews

Before you read our list of top subwoofers, please be aware that the notion of “best car subwoofer” is heavily subjective and very opinionated. Everyone has their tastes and what’s best for one person may not apply to another when it comes to picking out subs for cars. For example, some car audio enthusiasts prefer their subwoofers to have a powerful street shaking bass while others judge the quality of the subwoofer by the sound clarity and overall sound quality they get from the speaker.

With that being said, we put together a list that looks to satisfy each category whether it be bass power, sound clarity etc. The criteria of our listing was judged based on pricing, subwoofer design, subwoofer features, build quality of the subs, performance and manufacturer reputation.

Alpine SWR-8D4 8″ Inch 2000w Dual 4 Ohm Type-R Car Subwoofers

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One of the most popular subwoofers in the market are none other than the Alpine Typ-R Subs. The Alpine subwoofer have had a massive presence in the subwoofer market for decades now and has built itself a reputation of offering high quality audio products at an affordable price. The Alpine Type R subwoofers are offered in 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch and even a 15 inch variation.

I was able to get my hands on Alpine type r 12 inch subwoofer and is the subwoofer I reviewed. The alpine subs were installed in my brothers on my brother’s ford explorer using a fairly powerful kicker amplifier. I ran the Alpine subwoofers for just over a month with a variety of music genres.

Alpine’s reputation of offering high-quality audio gear at an affordable price is how I look at this subwoofer. The 12 inch Alpine subwoofer had a deep bass that was very powerful and could be heard from quite a long distance. People from far distances would be looking in our direction whenever the subwoofers were cranked up. Another quality feature the alpine subs have is pricing.

The price to performance ratio on these subs is amazing and is recommended for anyone on a budget. The build quality is also something to behold as it is constructed to last while performing. The Kevlar material used to construct the Type Rs does a great job at keeping the sub durable and reduces the risk of any damage or blowout if you run it within the recommended range.

If you are looking a good quality sub that offers a great price to performance ratio then the type R alpine subwoofers should strongly be considered. The alpine type r 12 far exceeded my expectations and I was impressed to say the least. You will also find these subwoofers mentioned in multiple ranking listings which is rightfully deserved.  The bass is heavy and you can really the feel the power of the subs despite having a low price tag. That said, actual music quality and clarity is not the greatest and the alpine subs may get damaged if you push them close to their 1000 RMS limit. At the end of the day, the positives far outweigh the negatives and I recommend the Alpine type r subwoofers any day of the week.

JL Audio 12″ 2400W Dual ProWedge Sealed W6V3 Subwoofer

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The CS212G-W6V3 is made by none other than JL Audio. It has a dual 12 inch sub enclosure which is amazing. It has a W6v3 12 inch sub woofer in every side of its sealed, enclosed space, making it more convenient for storage as compared to a conventional dual 12 inch woofer box.

This baby has the ability to handle 1200 watts of RMS with 4-ohm impedance. Its total power withstanding capacity is 600-1200 watts RMS. This subwoofer has been making a ton of waves in the subwoofer world and we are not surprised when you take a look at the specs and overall subwoofer build.

To put it simply, if you have the extra the cash then the JL Audio CS212G-W6V3 is an awsome subwoofer to go with. The subwoofer is powerful and will be heard from a far. JL Audio is an awsome brand that has built itself a reputation over the years when it comes to high quality car subwoofers. The music quality is top notch and the bass is very deep.

This subwoofer will last you for quite some time which is not surprising considering the manufacter is JL Audio. That said, the biggest drawback by far is the price tag. The pricing of the subwoofer is very expensive especially when you compare it to similiar offerings from other manufacters. JL Audio is a brand in which you pay the extra premium for as it’s looked upon as high quality which in my opinion is justified. If you can afford this beast than by all means go for it as you will not be dissapointed!

Dual Electronics BP1204 12 inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Car Subwoofers

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The Dual BP1204 12-Inch 1100-Watt Illumination Bandpass Subwoofer has everything that an individual could hope for or ask for when it comes to purchasing and installing a subwoofer into their vehicle. It provides you with a tremendous amount of bass output, and it looks amazing in any vehicle that you put it in as well.

It gives you a large amount of bass sounds, brushed aluminum injection-molded woofer cones that allows for tight and accurate bass response, and the computer-toned enclosure looks great as well. You will find that it has an excellent amount of control and volume capabilities, so that you are able to set it up with any type of high powered audio system within your vehicle.

One of the most desired features is the blue illuminating lights that it gives off when you turn it on. It gives off an incredible light show as you are playing your music, and you can be sure that the inside of your vehicle will look completely different, as well as, sounding completely different and amazing as well. It is a highly recommended subwoofer for anyone who is looking to purchase a speaker that is going to give off the best bass output and creative colorful decoration as well.

So, when it comes to finding a subwoofer for your vehicle that will give you the highest quality of bass sounds, then this specific subwoofer is what will work for you. It has been highly recommended by several different satisfied customers who claim that it is everything you are looking for, plus even more. The sounds, the easy installation, the face that it is affordable, it has clear sounds, and that it also comes equipped with a light show, are all amazing aspects that come with purchasing the Dual Illumination Bandpass Subwoofer. If you are looking for something inexpensive, but also gives you the best in sound quality, then this subwoofer system is just the thing that you are looking for. For those looking for the best cheap subwoofer, the Band Pass powered subwoofer should strongly be considered!

JBL SUBBP12AM – 450 Watts (150W RMS)

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The JBL SUBBP12AM powered subwoofer is a remarkable addition to any car sound system. With a peak power of 450W and an RMS of 150W, this subwoofer delivers consistent, high-quality bass that never fails to impress.

One of the standout features of the SUBBP12AM is its powered polypropylene subwoofer with built-in amplifier. This design ensures that the amplifier matches the woofer’s performance, delivering a seamless, integrated sound that is free from distortion. The 12″ (305mm) woofer and 35 – 120Hz frequency response also offer an impressive range, ensuring that every bass note is rich and full of depth.

The patented Slipstream port design is another game-changing feature of the JBL GT-SUBBP12AM. This design is optimised for the combination of woofer, amp, and enclosure, delivering deep bottom end while minimising turbulence. The result is distortion-free bass at high output levels, providing immersive sound that is second to none.

When it comes to design, the JBL GT-SUBBP12AM does not disappoint. The sleek, updated look coupled with the included remote control makes for a user-friendly experience. The enclosure is both sturdy and attractive, ensuring the subwoofer can withstand the demands of daily use while adding a touch of style to any car sound system.

Overall, the JBL SUBBP12AM is an exceptional product that offers the perfect balance of power and precision. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just looking to elevate your driving experience, this subwoofer is a must-have for any car sound system.

Power Acoustik MOFO-152X 15″ 3000 Watt / 1400w RMS Car Subwoofer

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The Power Acoustic subwoofer is crafted with coated foam surrounding dual convex spiders. A power output of an impressive 3000 watts and 1700 watts RMS. The MOFO competition grade subs hit hard and go low having deep bass. These car woofers will sound loud enough to make your ears ring. The powerful and sharp PowerAcoustic subwoofer car subwoofers are a professional audio mechanic’s dream. Clear, extremely loud, precise, deep base is the competition grade car woofer experience you want and deserve. Don’t sell yourself short. Get the extreme sound you need with the Power Acoustic 15 inch Competition Subwoofers.

The MOFO 15 Power Acoustik subwoofer is a high-quality speaker and has a ton going for it. To experience top of the line performance it is recommended that for maximum quality experience, the car subs should be professionally installed. The Power Acoustic MOFO 15’s are guaranteed to give you complete customer satisfaction and more. The competition grade Power Acoustik subwoofer comes complete with dual 2-Ohm voice coils and patent 4 spline heatsink.

Dual stacked with 340 oz Strontium Ferrite Magnets, this car subwoofer will go beyond any expectation you had about them. The MOFO15 inch car subwoofer is engineered with nickel plated compression wire terminals and comes with aluminum reinforcements with aluminum dust cap. The Powe Acoustic subwoofer is beautifully designed and more importantly, bangs hard and clean.

We were generally impressed by the MOFO 15 inch competition grade Power Acoustik subwoofer. The subwoofer bangs exceptionally hard and we were generally impressed by the clarity that we got in these subs. Where these competition grade subwoofers really shine is in its pricing. For what you get, these subwoofers are priced modestly well when you compare it to some of the other large 15 inch subwoofers.

That said, clarity is not the greatest and the manufacturer behind the brand is also hit and miss. If you want a high-quality subwoofer that emphasizes on sound clarity than the amount of bass and bang you get then the power acoustic subwoofer may not be right for you. That said, If you want a subwoofer that hits hard with big bass without spending an arm and a leg, this subwoofer is right for you.

JL Audio Slash Series 1200/1v3 Mono subwoofer Car Amplifier

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This amplifier originates from one of the company’s most legendary amplifier sets and were built upon the very platform that made history in the field of automotive amplification. This product truly encompasses some of the company’s latest technological and manufacturing materials. For instance, the moonblocks are approximately 20% more powerful than older amplifiers thanks to new Class D output circuitry.

Furthermore, this amplifier, which is a total of four channels, offers the company’s Absolute Symmetry Class A/B output stage, which offers an output of 75Wx4. This product also contains the company’s Regulated Intelligent Power Supply technology, which helps to maintain a power output over many load impedances and battery voltages.

This will automatically adjust to help maintain the rated output of the amplifier at all times regardless of either the input or the condition. Furthermore, the Advanced Rollback Thermal protection feature will ensure that your music will continue to play regardless of current climate conditions.

JL Audio‘s Slash Series 1200/1v3 Amplifier is hands down one of the best amplifiers available in the market. The amplifier is extremely powerful and is capable of running any subwoofer on a great scope. We tested this amplifer with a customoized dual 12 inch w6v3 subwoofer and we were absolutely floored.

The subwoofer also has a wide variaty of features that come in handy such a beingg able to dial in the Q on the subwoofer boost. The only drawback we could find with this amplifier is its price point and fairly large and bulky design. Put it simply, if you have the cash and you are looking for the best possible amplifier that money can buy, this amplifier is for you.

Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 8″ 900 Watt Dual 4 Ohm SPL Car Subwoofer

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The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 Dual 4 SPL Subwoofer 900W RMS is the most profound 8″ subwoofer Skar Audio has ever created. It has a large following among the audio head community which is not surprising when you look at it. A remarkable subwoofer to use for your own personal enjoyment but it is specifically designed to be used as a competition car subwoofer. The ZVX-8 will blow you mind.

Skar Audio has developed an intense, loud, heavy hitting, 8″ inch, competition grade car subwoofer. The ZVX-8 is an 8″ SPL 900 watt RMS power subwoofer. This car subwoofer is constructed with an impressive triple stack motor and dual ohm voice coil configuration.

The ZVX-8 car subwoofer can not only blow the roof off with its loudnessbut does so with perfection, sounding phenomenal. The ZVX-8 car subwoofer comes equipped with a high-quality cooling system designed to maintain level temps even if you are using the highest power ratings possible. In addition, a 25″ high temperature coil combineswith the advanced cooling system to provide thorough efficiency.

the ZVX-8 D4 Dual4 SPL Car Subwoofer projects only top quality sound. Skar Audio created an 8″ car subwoofer that provides clear and clean sound as loud as you can possibly handle. If you are looking for a top quality competition subwoofer, the ZVX-8 is all you need.

It comes to no surprise why these competition grade subwoofers have been getting a lot of love from consumer reviews. The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 competition grade subwoofers are an absolute steal. The price to performance ratio with these subwoofers is insane. The Skar Audio ZVX-8 D4 competition grade subwoofers are price amazingly well for what you are getting.

When it comes to sound quality, we were also impressed with the results we got when we set it up. In terms of subwoofer build, expect the Skar audio subwoofers to last you quite some time as they built very well. That said, make sure to set this woofer up properly as they require a specific box design in order to get the best possible sound out of these competition grade subwoofers.

Types of Car Subwoofers

car subwoofers

Subwoofers are not all manufactured the exact same and finding the best car subwoofer can be a tad bit confusing. Car subwoofers are categorized in 4 different categories which each having its own set of pros and cons. The 4 types are outlined below:

A Personalized System

Personalized system involves building a dedicated subwoofer system. A personalized system involves component subs being mounted into a subwoofer box designed specifically for the component subs. In order to power the personalized system, you will need what’s called an amplifier. Component subs generally range from 8″ to 15″.

Component subs have various different specifications and all kinds of ratings. That being said, a personalized system offers numerous advantages such as being able to customize the sound system to your tailored wants and needs. The first step and in my opinion, the most exhilarating step is building your personalized system is picking out the right subwoofers. The best car subwoofer in the market are generally custom made systems.

Pre-built Subwoofer System

Unlike the personalized subwoofer system mentioned above, Enclosed subwoofer systems already come with the boxed enclosure. The subs are already mounted inside the box which ultimately saves you the trouble of picking out an enclosure box.  An amplifier is also required in order to run the enclosed subwoofer system.

That said, the downside with an enclosed subwoofer system is the lack of freedom and customization. You are only limited to the what the pre-built system offers you. If a single woofer blows, the entire kit must be replaced most likely. That being said, there are dozens of pre-built enclosed subwoofers that sound amazing and amongst the best car subwoofer in the market.

Powered Subwoofer

car subwoofers

A powered subwoofer is simply an all one in system that combines the subwoofer speaker, the enclosure and the amplifer in one pre built package. Unlike the enclosed subwoofer system, a powered subwoofer has an amplifier built into the enclosure.

Due to their small and compact build, one of the advantages of powered subwoofers is how little space they take. In addition, installation is extremely simple as everything is already built. That being said, sound quality and the depth of bass is depleted on a powered sub due to its small size.

Vehicle Specific Subwoofer

A vehicle specific subwoofer is simply a woofer that is built to match the exact cars design. This specific subwoofer tailor made and designed based on the car, truck or suv it is being mounted in. The subwoofer blends in with the vehicle giving it an “out of the way” feel and is often times color coded the vehicles interior design. These subwoofers can be powered or passive (unpowered) and revolve around the three categories above.

The advantage of having a vehicle specific subwoofer is that there is virtually no woofer taking up space in the vehicle as its literally a part of the car. That being said, often times sound quality takes a massive due to the size and the restrictions.

What To Look For When Purchasing the Best Car Subwoofer

car subwoofers

The best car subwoofer is dependent on a lot of things. When it comes time to select and research individual subwoofers, there are many key factors to consider. Outlined below is a list of what to look for exactly:

Power Handling

One of the key specifications to look out for which ultimately determines how loud your subwoofer can boom is a subwoofer’s power handling. When comparing different subwoofers, pay close attention to the subwoofer’s RMS power handling/Power Ratings as they paint a realistic picture of how powerful the sub is. Also, it’s beyond crucial to match your car subwoofers power handling rating to the amp’s power rating output.


Sensitivity has a direct impact with power in terms of reaching high audio output. A subwoofer with a higher sensitivity range/rating will ultimately require less power to produce the same exact sound when compared with a subwoofer with a lower sensitivity range/rating.

Frequency Range

The frequency specification and its range will give you a rough idea of how low your subwoofer’s volume is. That being said, there are numerous factors that can impact frequency range such the size of woofer, how big or small the box is etc.

Enclosure Specification

Next most important thing that you have to consider is enclosure specification. Subwoofers need an enclosed box to get installed into the car. You can create your box of your own. This box can be installed at back seat. Depending on the enclosure box type you will hear different bass sounds. It is recommended to use sealed box so as to get accurate bass frequency. Choose enclosure box according to what kind of sound you are willing to hear. The best subwoofer can be useless if the enclosure is botched.

car subwoofers

Number of Voice Coils

Over the past few years, duel voice coil subwoofers have become prominent in the subwoofer market. Duel voice coils or DVC will separate a subwoofer into two differed voice coil which means that each coil have a dedicate connection. This ultimately can make wiring easier and much more flexible.

Size of Subwoofer

Some car sub woofers are available with the diameter ranging from 8” to 15”. Remember bigger subwoofer generates lower frequency range but the size of the woofer does not always matter. The biggest subwoofer is not necessarily the best car subwoofer. In car 10” and 12” woofers are most popular because of the fact that they can easily reach the 20Hz frequency which is suitable for human hearing.

The Best Car Subwoofer Brands

car subwoofers

In today’s market, there are hundreds of car subwoofer manufacturers that pump subwoofers (no pun intended). Choosing the right brand is crucial and unlike other industries, branding does in fact matter when shopping for a subwoofer and is crucial when determining the best subwoofer. My recommendation when purchasing a subwoofer is to formulate yourself a budget.

So to help you out in your task, we are going to break down some of the popular cheap subwoofers and high quality expensive car subwoofer brands into 4 categories which are not Good, good, very good, and Highest Quality. On that note, some manufacturers have different subwoofer lines which is why a company may appear on more than 1 of the list. Here is a breakdown of the subwoofer companies and what’s considered from worst to best car subwoofer:

Choosing The Right Amplifier for Your Subwoofer

No matter what the best car subwoofer you go with is, you need amp. It’s very crucial to select the proper amp as your amplifier is what’s responsible for powering the beautiful system you have made. Even cheap subwoofers must use the proper amp if you want the results. Choosing the right amplifier can be a tad bit tricky and the specs can be overwhelming at first. Amplifiers have 3 defining factors which are:


Amplifiers come in many different channel specifications. The amount of channels needed for your amplifier is determined by how many subwoofers you have. For example, if you have two cheap subwoofers speakers inside your enclosure then you should opt for two channel amplifier. Multiple channels in an amplifier will give you the option to expand and do more things with your sound system. However, a higher channel count often times means paying a higher price. That being said, todays amplifers are very powerful and can be hooked up to a single channel amp. Some of the best amplifiers in the market have built in controls that allow customization of the bass and its sound.

RMS Watts and Peak Watts 

When breaking down a subwoofers power requirements and specification, the first thing to look at is RMS Watts and Peak Watts. RMS wattage outlines the amount of power a subwoofer can output and handle on a continuous basis.  Similar to a powerlifters 1 rep max, Peak wattage is a measurement of the maximum output of the subwoofer before it breaks down and is damaged.

When analyzing RMS watts specification, its beyond crucial that the Amp’s RMS Watts specs match up with the subwoofer’s RMS watts specs. When shopping for an amplifier, you will notice that the manufacture list an RMS watts range. This range is an indication of what the bare minimum is and what the upmost maximum is in the amplifier. A key rule of thumb when comparing your subwoofer and amplifier’s RMS watts is to make sure the subwoofer’s maximum RMS watts is relatively close to your amplifier’s minimum RMS Watts. Believe me when I say this, it’s best to have an overpowered subwoofer than underpowered one no matter what the best subwoofer is.

car subwoofers


In the scope of subwoofers and car audio, a measurement of electrical resistance is referred to as Impedance. A mismatch between an amplifier and subwoofer’s Impedance can lead to terrible sound quality or worse, an overheating system. That said, depending on your sound system, matching an amp and a subwoofers Impedance is fairly simple. Majority of the car subwoofers in today’s market are 2 ohms or 4 ohms. If we were to pick out an amp for 2 type R alpines that are 4 ohms a piece, we would want a power amp with an 8ohm impedance. Lastly, If you’re ever going to be installing a dual voice coil woofer with 2-ohms, the required amplifier impedance would be 4-ohm because each separate connection is 2-ohms.

How to Install a SubWoofer

No matter what the best car subwoofer in the market is, it must be installed right if you want to get the most out of it. In this segment we are going to lay down the instructions needed to install subwoofers. Read closely:

car subwoofers

Step 1: What are the things Needed to Install?

  • A subwoofer box, a speaker and an amplifier
  • You will need a wiring kit
  • About 10 gauge, insulated wire of 20 feet for power supply and insulated wire of 3 feet for ground, 16-18 gauge and wire about 15 feet.
  • 15 feet long RCA cables
  • Fuse of specs 50 amps
  • Some basic tools
  • 4 screws: small and wooden and some speaker wires.

For ground and power wiring, surely you will require thicker wires based on the power of the amplifier. The ones which are really powerful will require about aero wire gauge wire. Like I said earlier, the best subwoofer is garbage if the installation is botched.

Step 2

This can be a tricky affair. You will want to select a speaker and an amplifier which puts out the most power without actually blowing each other. You should ensure that the RMS of both the amp as well as the sub-woofer to be as close as they can. When looking at the amp and the speaker do not look at the peak power. You should always try and run your speakers and amps on  RMS ratings rather than on the peak ratings no matter what you think the best subwoofer and amplifer is.

Step 3

The third step is perhaps the one irritating one and that is running the wires. The first thing would be to start wiring the battery. The thing to note here is to get the power of the battery and not use the fuse box. Start off by finding an opening in the vehicle’s firewall. This  is mainly the metal wall underneath the hood of the vehicle- to be specific the one which is closest to the windshield. The other side of the firewall ought to be inside the vehicle. Simply run most of the power cables from the firewall and ensure that there is an ample wire to reach the battery.

Shred insulation off the wire to the end where the battery is  and wire the in-line fuse to that end. You should ensure that the fuse is close to the battery as possible.  Do not connect the wire to the battery. Ensure that, when you wire the fuse it is taped properly just to be avoid being short. Place the rest of the wire underneath the car carpeting or via a wire channel. While having the carpeting loose, simply place the 16-18 gauge wire with the RCA cables from the truck  as close to the back side of the stereo head and leave some slack at either end.

car subwoofers

Step 4

The fourth step is wiring the music set up. You will have to remove the front of the center console or employ the tool to slide stereo out of the clips. There should be 2RCA connections and they should be run through the back of the center console and plugged into 2 connections behind the stereo. If you find that you do not comprise of these connections you can splice the wires into the rear speaker wires. A better option would be to go for a new stereo which has RCA as they are not that expensive.

Step 5

The fifth step would be to run the 16-18 gauge wire at the back of mid console. The function of this wire is to tell the amp that the stereo has been turned on and that the amp must be too.  You will have to connect the gauge wire and when the stereo comes on, the amp will too.

Step 6

The sixth step is speaker is putting the speaker inside the box. This is pretty obvious. Place the speaker inside the box and make sure that flimsy thin gasket thing on it. If the box comprises of its very own connecting points outside, make sure they are wired to the speaker inside. Properly screw the speaker with within the box and employing the holes on the outside rim of the speaker.

Step 7

wiring up the amp. Simply connect the power cable from the battery into the spot which has one of the following markings. Make sure that the amp that one of the following markings.

B , Batt, Pos, 12V, 12 v, Pwr, power. Connect the 16-18 gauge wire that the spot that says. Rem, remote, ant. Also connect the 3 foot, 1- gauge wire to the point marked.

B-, Neg, -12 v. Gd, ground. Connect the other end of the ground wire to a near bolt which connects to the body of the car. Connect the speaker wire to the positive and negative part of the speaker box. Also make cute that the positive of the speaker box is connected to the positive end of the speaker. Do the same with the negative.

car subwoofers

Step 8

Point number eight adding power. The final step is to go and connect the power cable to the battery. Ensure that a larger fuse is within fuse holder.

This completes the task of installing a sub woofer inside your vehicle. Simply test all the things and also check the quality of the sound. Hopefully this install guide made a bit of sense. Remember, the best car subwoofer will sound like the worst car subwoofer if it is not installed right.

If your still having problems, here is a great video that should make things a bit more clearer:


There you have it folks, a complete how-to guide of picking the right car subwoofer type, subwoofer brand, the correct amplifier and how to install them. Car audio is very opinionated and the best subwoofer for one individual can be different to another. You should have no problem finding the best car subwoofer now after reading this article. I hope this helped some of you folks who were a bit lost when choosing a subwoofer.

Believe-me when I say this, adding a quality or even cheap subwoofers into your vehicle is like no other. The roaring base of your subwoofer as you cruise down the road is something everyone should experience! Hopefully you found the best car subwoofer that is tailored to your needs. Thanks for stopping by!

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