Can You Maintain Your Old Volvo Car on a Budget?

Has your Volvo grown old with time and use? Like any other luxury car, maintaining an old Volvo can be a drag. The older the car gets, the more serious troubles it incurs.

The parts start failing, suspension and brake rotors make a squealing noise, and you always live in the fear of a breakdown.

Regardless of these inevitable issues, Volvo cars exhibit a solid build quality, with all the safety features in place. You get into a head-on collision, chances are you will walk away without a major injury. This is the reason why Volvo cars are kept in use despite getting old. Sometimes, the maintenance or repair bills can shoot through the roof. 

However, the good news is that you can reduce your repair and maintenance costs significantly by following these tips. Some of these tips apply to all cars while some of them are specific to Volvo vehicles.

#1 Oil and Filter Change — Read this before you skip to the next tip

This is one of the fundamental car maintenance routines that must be followed religiously. And if you love your car, you may already be following this routine too. However, if you are getting your Volvo serviced outside the dealership, you must know which engine oil and filters you should use.

It’s not always possible to obtain the exact OEM parts and consumables, but knowing the grade of oil and specifications of the filter can help you get aftermarket alternatives at discounted prices.

Check your vehicle’s user manual to determine the type of oil recommended for your specific model — whether mineral or synthetic — and make sure your local mechanic uses the same oil and filters when servicing your car.

If you have been using mineral oil all these years, don’t bother switching to synthetic oil and vice versa. Your car’s manufacturer has recommended a certain oil grade for a reason. 

#2 Pay attention to the transmission

Volvo V70s are notorious for transmission problems. If you drive one, you should know that its transmission can break down or wear out prematurely if not taken care of properly. Protect the transmission system to death, just saying.\

To avoid transmission problems in your V70 or any other Volvo model, consider getting transmission fluid flush performed regularly or more frequently if your car is old. This will slow down the transmission wear and tear significantly, saving you from a major expense down the road.

#3 Power Steering

In case you didn’t know, a vast majority of S60 owners have reported power steering leaks in their car, which is one of the serious issues that can render a vehicle unsafe for driving. The leakage usually occurs in the hose that carries the fluid from the reservoir to the power steering system. To ensure your safety and convenience, make sure to get this hose inspected for leaks frequently. As soon as you notice tiny cracks on the surface of the hose, get it replaced before it starts leaking. 

#4 Cooling fans

Cooling fan failure is a fairly common problem in an XC60. If your XC60 has been running smoothly for a long time, that doesn’t mean it will continue to run without throwing tantrums at you. Get your cooling fan checked regularly or consider retiring it if it’s been there for more than 5 years. Concerned about the price? You don’t necessarily have to get it from the dealership. There are quality aftermarket equivalents available at discount prices. 

The point is, you can’t take a risk with an unreliable cooling fan. If it stops functioning, you are just one hard rev away from an overheating situation. Or if you usually drive in stop-and-go traffic, the chances of overheating due to a bad cooling fan increase considerably.

Following the above tips can help you enjoy stress-free car ownership without having to bear ridiculously high repair expenses. With Volvos, it’s possible to avoid a potential repair expense if you know your car’s weakness and how to deal with it.

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