Betting on motorsport

Betting on motorsport: A beginner’s guide

Motorsport is something that has always interested many people. It can be everything from car racing to races with motorcycles. In connection to watching or following competitions within the sport, it is not uncommon to also want to bet money on the races. 

There are several ways you can bet on motorsports online, and several tactics to use when you do so. At the same time, there are a bunch of sportsbooks focusing on this exciting sport. So how do you start? Below we have created a beginner’s guide for everyone who wants to start betting on motorsports online. 

Choose a bookmaker with a good selection 

First things first: find a legitimate and good sportsbook/betting platform. This is of course a matter of taste, as most sportsbooks meet the requirements that exist today. Of course, you have to make sure that your chosen sportsbook offers to bet on motorsports, otherwise, it is not worth the effort. 

You can as an example try and check out They offer a wide range of odds on all sorts of sports and tournaments, including motorsports. At the same time, they have a nice and user-friendly interface, which is a necessity today. 

Get acquainted with the sport 

As previously mentioned, there are different variations of motorsports. They are very different and often take place in completely different ways. The first thing to do when you want to bet on motorsports is therefore to get acquainted with the sport you are interested in betting on and make sure that you understand exactly how everything works.

Formula 1 is the most popular motorsport of them all, and you will access odds on this tournament on pretty much every betting platform. In addition to Formula 1, Rally, Touring Car, MotoGP, Nascar, and Indycar are popular as well, both to watch and to bet on. 

Stay up to date with racing news 

To be good at betting, you also need to understand the different elements that play role in a specific outcome. That is aspects such as weather conditions, common vehicle problems that could occur, and, of course, the driver’s daily form. Just as rain or scorching heat can ruin a football game, the same can happen during a race. And just as a basketball player can have a bad day, so can a racer. All this you must keep in mind when betting on motorsports, otherwise, you will not succeed in your betting career. 

Understand odds & betting 

As with all other variations of sports betting, you must understand the odds and the act of betting when it comes to motorsport betting. In motorsports, some odds are similar to the traditional and very different from the usual. You can, for example, bet on the money line or winner, spread betting, winning margin, or bet on who you think will be the champion of this specific season. The options are many, so make sure to take advantage of the many odds available! In case you need some extra help, this beginner’s guide to understanding odds can be very helpful.

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