How To Shop For The Best Rock Crawling Tires?

There is the fact that tires are considered to be among the modifications to make once looking for the best full-sized and off-road vehicles. In most cases, many people would change tires in order to get a better look and could have a pro-founding impact on the performance of the vehicle. And in the world of rock crawling, this case is also the same. Getting new and the best rock crawling tires is always considered by numbers of people in the world of RC.

Quick Comparison: Top 3 Best Rock Crawling Tires

So, for some of the best options in terms of rock crawling tires, here are as follow:

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews about the rock crawling tires, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Reviews Of The Best Rock Crawling Tires

To know more about these options, here is a review of each tire.

Best Pick For Great Performance

Once looking for a RC tire that could offer superb performance then this one is the best pick ever to consider.

This one comes in a set of 4 including two 25×10-12 rear tires and two 25×8.00-12 front tires. If you choose this set, you will get a full set for the entire replacement.

There is no need to shop for additional tires because these tires are of a great solution. These tires are indeed not directional therefore making them great for large and medium UTVs.

It has a design that is meant for durability as well as puncture resistance. The tread might not be as deep as other tires, but the depth would help in terms of stability and traction. This could be used on different vehicles and could also travel on different surfaces.

The set is also affordable, tubeless and could hold much weight.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


Top-notch handling in dirt, rock, and mud
Super traction in woods and great in desert too
Great shoulder lugs guard sidewall and rim
Capable of resisting punctures and abrasions


There is no manufacturer’s warranty.
There is a need for assistance in installing the tires.

Best Pick For Great Traction

You might want a tire that has the ability to offer you excellent traction, right? If yes, then this one serves you right.

The tread pattern of this tire is definitely the most popular design in the world. It has aggressive tread and it features a radial like composition helping with even braking as well as smooth ride at the same time providing excellent traction.

This one is available in couple different compounds meeting the needs of the riders. There is also an assurance of affordability along with being reliable and excellent in performance.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It offers durability and extra load capability
It increases tread life because of its extra-tough rubber compound
Exceptional traction and flotation
It has the ability to conquer everything
It offers great protection


Rear tires seem a little under-sized in height

Best Pick For Long Lasting Tire

A long lasting tire could be a great choice for many riders. And with that, this set of rock crawling tires is a great choice to ever consider.

This one is an all-terrain and utility tire intended for the rider who needs the strength, size and also an aggressive tread design. This one is a 6-ply rated construction that offers high strength as well as durability in the toughest conditions, and also the deep and heavy tread design as well provides excellent traction in numbers of different terrains.

This set also offers a serious puncture resistance and the tread lugs would also run deep to the sidewall as for added protection.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It features extra lugs for added protection
This set of tire has the ability to conquer everything
It provides superb traction and flotation
Long lasting tread life
Durable and extra load capability


A bit expensive.


Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

Sun.F A033 ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12

Sun.F A033 ATV/UTV Tire 22x7-12 Front & 22x10-12 Rear



25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear

25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear

22x7-12 Front & 22x10-12 Rear

Ply Construction




Tread Depth

20 mm

21 mm

18 mm









My Rating

More Details

The Basic Of Rock Crawling Tires

It could be intimidating even to those most-seasoned drivers to consider rock crawling in a 4x4. And with that, knowing the basic of rock crawling should be considered. As for general rules in order for you and for the 4x4 to be safe, consider the following:

There is a need for you to know first what you are capable of. Once you don’t feel comfortable negotiating an obstacle, then you must not do it. There is actually no shame if you take a bypass.
You should also know what the vehicle is capable of as well. You might already be ready for an obstacle but is the vehicle ready? Having the drive train grenade on the trail would hurt more ways compared to one.
Trust the gut. Once an obstacle approach doesn’t feel right then you should back off and reassess. It would be a lot quicker than considering a recovery.

Be guided by these basic rules when it comes to rock crawling for you to be safe and your tire as well.

How Many Types Of Tires?

Once looking for rock crawling tires, there could be numbers of tips that you should bear in mind. Indeed, tires could be the most important part of the car chosen for rock crawling. With this, there is a need for the tires to withstand hard as well as difficult work on rocky and unpaved roads.

Bias Ply

This one is made particularly for off-roading and is great once in deep mud or on rough terrain. There is also an assurance of great self-cleaning of the treads than the radials. And finally, the bias ply would also offer stronger reinforcement of the sidewall of the tire as well as very ideal in preventing tears and ripping.

Radial Tires

In this type of tire, surface traction would be a lot better and also the tires would have longer lifespan. These tires are the best option for the weekend roadie and also a cost alternative as well.

Indeed, choosing between these tires would depend on you.

Rock Crawling Tires Advantage

And there are also numbers of advantages that these rock crawling tires could offer. These are the following:

Since they are designed for extreme off-road conditions, these tires would use aggressive tread designs which would extend to the sidewalls, to the giant lugs having deep voids and also reinforced sidewall construction creating tires that have the ability to grip any surface and could be very durable during the process.
The tread will conform to almost any surfaces as for increased traction as well.
They are also capable of reducing fuel consumption because of less rolling resistance.
There will also be an assurance of safer and softer ride due to more stable contact with the road service.
There will also be less vibration and extended life as well.

What To Look For In Buying Rock Crawling Tires

Once shopping for rock crawling tires, there are certain features to look for. These are the following:


The primary sizes are 1.9 and 2.2. These would refer to the diameter of the wheel which the tires are designed to fit. The 2.2 tires are a lot bigger than the 1.9 however there are vehicles with 1.9 tires that could accommodate 2.2 tires. The width and the height of the tires would differ just like those full-sized tires. But, bigger ones are always better since the motor, battery and speed control of the vehicle will also have to accommodate the larger size tires.


Indeed, the ideal tread would be determined by the terrains that you would be encountering most of the time. Those treads having larger voids would work best along with loose dirt as well as muddy terrains. Those tires having smaller voids would be better on pavements. And those directional tires would work best with great vehicle speed like the tread design that would make it a lot easier to sling mud away from the center of the tire.


This is the material where the tire is molded in. Some compounds that could be firmer and could last longer however others are soft and pliable. Softer compounds will grip a lot better once on rough terrains but they could wear out a lot faster as well.

Foam Inserts

These would provide a consistent performance on varied terrains. Standard foam could be ideal you could still consider having memory foam inserts as for those rocky surfaces. Some companies that would render hybrid foam inserts which have both memory foams as well as standard foam.

Additional Features

And some additional factors should also be considered. Those tires that are featuring interior ribbing together with the sidewalls would offer better support having not to sacrifice flexibility. There are also some tires that would feature different-sized lugs giving a more aggressive off-road tread. And some tires would also feature sipping or thin slits in the tread giving a better traction. Also, you can check MostPicker for other product reviews.

These factors should be considered once into shopping for rock crawling tires. You could also watch this in order to be guided when it comes to choosing the best 4x4 off-road tires.


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Do all RC tires need tire inserts?

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Pick For The Best

So the best tires for rock crawling to ever consider the given options would be the Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires. Why?

They are designed to offer excellent performance in mud, dirt and rocky surfaces.
They are indeed a set of powerful tires.
They will also not wear easily because of having extra shoulder lugs protecting the rim and the side wall.
They are also durable and puncture resistance.

With these reasons, there is no doubt that this set of tires will serve as the best option to ever consider by most riders out there.

So, it would be a great help if you will be guided with this information if you are shopping for the best rock crawling tires from among that are out in the market today.

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