A Step-by-step Guide To Fighting Your Parking Ticket

Receiving a parking ticket for violating the laws is bad. But receiving a parking ticket unfairly is worse. 

You return to your vehicle and see an ugly small ticket tucked against its windshield. This is where you realize you’re in some trouble. Although there are several expensive aspects of road driving, getting a parking ticket is the last thing you want. Sometimes, traffic authorities may make mistakes in imposing parking fines, but that can be revealed after going through the legal procedure. 

The ideal thing to do in such a case is to appeal for your ticket. You may or may not be able to fight it depending upon your region’s rules, but here are some tips that apply in most situations. 

Check Your Ticket Thoroughly

After you’re done frowning at the ticket, the next step would be to examine it thoroughly. It will give you the first tip for contesting the ticket. Take note of any dates that you may need to adhere to. Failing to follow the instructions on the ticket may make you liable for further penalties. 

Also, look for the reason you’re fined. Try to find any mistakes with your name, your car’s number, or the location. Sometimes, officers unintentionally penalize the wrong vehicle. You must pay attention to details to ensure that you’ve been fined rightly. 

Grab Evidence 

Evidence will be crucial if you decide to contest your parking ticket. After examining the ticket thoroughly, try to take as many photos of your car with the surroundings as possible. Faded or missing signs, graffiti, unclear language, bumper stickers, or thick foliage covering the parking signs may explain the parking’s plight to the judge. 

Check The Local Traffic Rules

Leveraging your region’s traffic laws that point in your favor can help your case. For instance, certain parking laws can only penalize an unoccupied vehicle in front of a fire hydrant or at a red-marked line on the road. If you were being present inside your vehicle, the ticket becomes ineffective. 

Pick An untimely Court Date & Time

In case you are required to present yourself in court, you can try this uncommon procedural tactic. Trying to pick a date that falls on the weekday and during working hours. If the officer who imposed the ticket doesn’t show up to the session, your case will be dismissed. 

Don’t Give Up 

Contesting parking tickets is usually more about staying put till the end of the procedure than knowing the laws. Only a few people go through the legal rigmarole and for obvious reasons. 

From filing a complaint to presenting yourself in court and staying active in the entire process, you might as well end up getting the benefit of struggle. 

Also, certain agencies can help you with the legal procedures. You can search for such agencies on Google, download their ticket app, and get started. They will do the hard work for you in return for a small commission. 

Final Word

While contesting for your parking ticket in the court, every word you speak holds value. So, you must know what to say and what NOT to utter. Here’s what not to speak and the reply you may hear from the judge:

  • “The ticket is too expensive”— a pity. 
  • “I took the officer’s permission before parking my vehicle” – dismissed. 
  • “I was unaware of the law”— not knowing the parking laws can’t be regarded as a defense.
  • “I’ve been parking like this for years”— are you accepting to prior violations?

Now that you know what not to speak and what to do if you’re fined, keep these tips in mind to effectively contest your fighting ticket in the future. 

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