A List of 5 Mechanical Issues That Lead to Car Accidents

A List of 5 Mechanical Issues That Lead to Car Accidents

Unsafe driving practices, like speeding over the limit and driving under the influence, are often the main causes of a car accidents. However, in some cases, there could be other reasons for a crash that have nothing to do with the driver. One such reason is mechanical failures which can present a real danger to the driver and other vehicles and passengers on the road.

Generally speaking, cars are complex machines with many moving parts. When one of these parts fails, it can lead to a severe car accident which can further result in great car damage and serious injuries. The failure of the parts can occur for a variety of reasons, including poor maintenance or a manufacturing error. That’s why it is important that all drivers maintain their vehicles regularly, so they can reduce the likelihood of failures and the occurrence of car accidents.

In this post, we outline the five most common mechanical problems that can lead to car accidents.

A List of 5 Mechanical Issues That Lead to Car Accidents

Tire problems

According to statistics, about 35% of car accidents are caused by tire problems. There are typically two most common issues with tires and these are blowouts and worn-out tires. The consequences of either tire failure can be disastrous, causing the vehicle to roll over, veer off the road or swerve into oncoming traffic.

To prevent tire failures, make sure you do regular tire maintenance at a local professional auto repair shop. For instance, if you live in Regina, the capital city of one of Canada’s western provinces Saskatchewan, make use of CSN Regina car services to keep your vehicle in check at all times. Using local shops for car repair and maintenance is a great way to keep your vehicle in good shape because they’re a quick and convenient solution. 

Faulty headlights and tail lights

Good visibility is essential especially if you are driving at night or during extreme weather conditions such as storms, snow, and fog. For such situations, you will need to rely on your headlights and tail lights to see the road as clearly as possible as well as be visible to other drivers on the road. If your headlights break or don’t work properly for some reason, you are increasing the risk of getting into an accident.

To avoid such unpleasant incidents, you should inspect all lights thoroughly to ensure they’re in perfect working order. If they aren’t, make sure you change them before hitting the road.

Engine failure

While most engines are made with high levels of efficiency which reduce the chances of engine failures, there could still be some issues with them that can lead to car accidents.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure your car engine works fine. For instance, you can keep an eye on your vehicle’s temperature gauge. If you notice the temperature is shifting toward the red, then that is an indication that there is a serious problem with your ride’s liquid cooling system. A poor working cooling system can easily overheat the car’s engine, causing it to break down instantly.

Brake problems

Faulty brakes are another mechanical issue that can lead to car accidents, especially in rear-end collisions. No matter how much space there is between your car and the vehicle in front of you, a brake failure of any kind will certainly make it impossible for you to stop your car properly and avoid a crash.

Luckily, modern brake technology has been developed, such as the dual brake system, whose main purpose is to reduce the risk of mechanical brake failure. Also, don’t forget to perform regular car maintenance and keep your brakes in good condition to prevent car accidents.

Malfunctioning wipers

A car part many drivers often neglect when performing their car maintenance is their wipers. However, the importance of having fully functioning wipers cannot be overlooked as they are necessary for safe driving during heavy rain and snow. If the wipers aren’t working fine, your visibility will be reduced, increasing the risk of getting into an accident.

So, if you have worn-out blades, make sure you change them immediately and clean the rainwater and other debris from your windshield to improve visibility when driving. Car experts may recommend servicing your windshield blades every month to avoid malfunctioning. 

A List of 5 Mechanical Issues That Lead to Car Accidents

Final thoughts

Although there are many causes of car accidents, mechanical issues can also increase the risk of car crashes. Whether it is a tire blowout, a brake failure, or a faulty engine it is important to maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. This will help keep it in good working condition and also reduce the likelihood of collisions.

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