9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

Owning a car comes with several benefits and maybe a few inconveniences. With a private set of wheels, you can drive yourself any place, any time. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with unreliable or overcrowded public transportation. Or splurge on expensive ride-sharing apps. As long as you keep up with timely keep up with timely car service, you’re good. 

That being said, keeping your vehicle clean can be a hassle. And no matter how carefully you drive, there’s always a chance of getting into a fender bender. In this post, we’re sharing car accessories that will make your life easier as a car owner. Let’s dive in.

Dash Cam

9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

Having a dashcam can help you gather supportive evidence in case of an accident. A dashcam also comes in handy for capturing evidence against unruly drivers. If your child has recently started driving, you can use a dashcam to ensure they’re being safe and responsible on the road.

Food/Laptop Tray

Whether you catch up on emails or eat meals in your car, do yourself a favor and get an attachable tray. A food and laptop tray makes things a lot easier than you might think. This simple accessory can save you from straining your back or spilling food everywhere.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

Speaking of eating in the car, no car owner can do without a mini vacuum. Even if you clean your car on a regular basis, a mini vacuum will help you remove crumbs and dust from hard-to-reach areas. Dyson, Shark, and Beldray are some popular brands for cordless vacuum cleaners.

Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

Underinflated tires can lead to uneven wearing and reduce the tread life. Instead of dealing with the inconvenience of tire failure, invest in a tire pressure tracker. This device monitors tire pressure and provides real-time updates on the driver’s smartphone. While your dashboard may alert you when tire pressure is too low, this gadget offers additional features such as slow leak detection. 

Magnetic Phone Mount

9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

Using your phone while driving can be distracting and dangerous. Why not get a phone mount for your car? A phone mount will help you easily follow directions without taking your eyes off the road. Instead of a clip holder, we recommend getting a magnetic mount, which is a lot more convenient to use.

Antibacterial Slipcover

Do you usually drive to the gym? Sitting in your car after a sweaty workout is not a good combination. To prevent your sweat from soaking into the car seats, we recommended antibacterial slipcovers.

Portable Jump Starter

9 Car Accessories and Gadgets That You Need To Buy Today

If your car has an old battery that unexpectedly dies, don’t hesitate to buy a portable jump starter. You can rely on this tool to kick-start your car immediately.

Mini Tire Inflator

What happens if your tire gets punctured in the middle of nowhere? A mini tire inflator is a worthwhile purchase for such situations. These days you can get your hands on highly intuitive tire inflators that automatically stop pumping air as soon as the desired pressure is reached. 

Keep It Cool with Sunshades

There’s nothing more agonizing than returning to a boiling hot car. If there is no option other than parking your car in an uncovered parking space, it’s time to get windshield sunshades. This inexpensive and easily available accessory prevents your car interiors from overheating. We also suggest getting a steering wheel cover that will save your hands from touching a scorching surface.

The Bottom Line

While car accessories may not be necessary, they certainly enhance your driving experience as well as improve vehicle performance. Furthermore, certain gadgets add an extra layer of safety along the way. 

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