6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle On Top

Our vehicles are one part of our personality that the world sees, and no one wants to destroy it because of the rusted paint, scratches, or the bird droppings.

Every car-owner is obsessed with his/her vehicle and its maintenance that includes long-lasting paintwork, a well-organized car space, a regularly cleaned pet-friendly space, and so much more. People are careful about parking their cars in a shed-free space or in a congested place to protect their car’s paint, polish and sheen.

Seasonal changes also play a significant role in causing rust and dirt on your car. Winters come with a lot of snowfall, hail storm, and windy rainfall. It is definitely hard to protect your car in the middle of the unpleasant weather conditions.

Moreover, seasonal changes also cause unnecessary car breakdowns; therefore, it is essential to get your car serviced by a qualified car professional. It will save you from a bundle of repairs that follow the weather changes.

For all the car-lovers out there, we have compiled the best tips to keep your vehicle on top at all times of the day and year. Have a look at the amazing car maintenance tips that will aid you for life:

1. Get Rid of Road Salt at the Earliest Possible Time

Definitely, water—in all its kinds—can cause the paint to rust if you let it sit there for a long time period, but that does not mean that it is the only culprit. Even snow is not the culprit for the paint rust, rather it is something else—‘road salt’.

Rock salt is laid on roads and walking tracks to melt the ice and snow to prevent accidents and aid smooth traffic flow. However, the seemingly-good rock salt needs to be removed as earlier as possible. Why? Because it can cause the car paint to rust in less than no time!

The formula of road salt is sodium chloride, just like your regular table salt. It is also named as ‘rock salt’ due to its large pebble-sized grains that are spread out on the road. So, wash your car after a drive in winter to remove the salt layer that might have stick to the car. Besides, it is crucial to wash thoroughly the suspension, undercarriage, engine bay, and door jams as these are the usual places we skip while cleaning. Later on, the rusted patches turn into irremovable and annoying marks.

The sooner you get the salt off of your car, the less are the chances of getting a rusted paint patch on your car. So staying vigilant about even the smallest area of your car while cleaning up is essential!

2. Get a Regular Car Wash and Protect The Paint:

During winter season, it is crucial to protect the car paint. To add to the first tip, it is advised to use ceramic coatings and paint sealants to make it easy to wash off the road salt during regular cleaning. Whether it’s the bottom part of your car or the top, they both need to be protected from rust.

Usually, people prefer applying a new layer of paint sealant before the beginning of winters to keep their cars safe throughout the season. On the other hand, ceramic coatings are more like once-in-a-lifetime job done for your car that will not wash off for the next couple of years.

Besides taking care of car paint, it is important to notice how your car is washed off. Car washing involves a whole lot of swirling brushes moving on the car skin. But, keep in mind that the swirls don’t get into the paintwork of your car at the end of the day.

Car owners often fail to notice it, but sometimes the car wash leads to a whole lot of swirl swag on the paintwork. Actually, the brushes are studded with tiny particles of dirt, sand, and other debris that might get swirled on your car paint during a regular car wash session. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the brushes that are being used. Synthetic car wash brushes are good at shedding dirt quickly but are not entirely a safe option.

Another misunderstanding about car wash is that getting a high-pressure touchless car wash will prevent the paint from damage. However, in reality, the debris spreads all across the car paint during a high-pressure car wash. It may still cause the swirl swag.

Moreover, are you even sure of the fact that the car washers are using clean water or recycled water for car washing? How would you get rid of the contaminants? Some car washers use an excessive amount of detergents that remove the waxy layer off of the car paint, so why take a risk with the car washers?!

3. Dry Your Car On Your Own:

Are you sure of the cleanliness level of the car washers? We can never be sure; therefore, we cannot take any risks. It is often found that car washers use dirty towels to clean up the cars. Wouldn’t it be difficult to get rid of the contaminants afterwards? Especially, if you want to keep your car child-friendly, you have to keep it germ-free. Furthermore, the dirty towel can add to the swirl swag on your car paint.

Try to wash and dry up your car on your own as much as possible. Additionally, only trust on reliable car washers to detain the job of cleaning up your car.

4. Park Your Car Away from the Industrial Areas or Under a Shed:

Although it is difficult to find a suitable parking place, it is not safe to park your car anywhere in the middle of a busy freeway, an industrial area, or a railway line. As the dark colors are vulnerable to swirl marks, and the light colors are susceptible to dust and fallout from above during winters, so it is necessary to protect the car.

Sometimes, the tiny patches of rust are microscopic metal pieces and pollutants that are sent into the atmosphere by the industrial vicinity, or train brakes. They later bloom into rust dots on your car. Wipe them off as early as possible.

Always keep a polisher with you to cover up swirls, oxidations, and scratches on the spot. For that, you must get the best polisher available in the market. Go here to learn more about the top quality car polishers that you wouldn’t regret buying.

5. Define a Pet-Space and Clean Up Regularly:

If you have pets, you must maintain a specific space in the car for them to travel with you. Carry them in their crates to avoid the furry mess all over the seats or carpets. While buying your car, it is recommended that the seats are of leather or vinyl as they are easy to wipe off the mess your pets may cause in future.

Vacuum the pet-area regularly to keep the fur and dirt off of the car along with the unpleasant odor.

6. Add Coolant to the Water to Prevent Overheating:

Besides regular oil change and car maintenance hacks, remember to keep in check the coolant system of the car. In your coolant system, you can add a coolant along with water to keep the radiator and engine at a low temperature. Water heats up easily, but a coolant can help it in maintaining a cool temperature throughout your long journey.

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