5 Ways to Spot Quality Auto Detailing

Here are the Top 5 Things to Look for to Make Sure Your Auto Detailer is Being Thorough

Auto detailing is the mechanical equivalent of magic. A highly skilled detailer is able to transform the most beat up looking vehicle into a shiny new set of wheels. Here we’ll be taking a closer look at auto detailing; finding out what it is, how it works, and results you should expect to receive when taking your car into the shop.

What is Auto Detailing?

Put simply, auto detailing is the top tier of car valeting, cleaning, and care, which typically penetrates deeper than just paint level. Detailers get their name because of the attention to detail they’ll give all facets of your car, both inside and out.Auto detailing can take a grungy, beat up looking car and give it a fresh new look without a new paint job or refinishing the interior.

How does it work?

The car undergoing detailing is washed several times to remove as many contaminants found in your paint job as possible. These contaminants are most commonly tar, oil, sap, insect guts or microscopic pieces of gravel that have become embedded into the paint. When your car is travelling at anywhere between 20 and 80 MPH, you are guaranteed to have some sort of gunk stuck to your car afterwards.

If you’re opting for a thorough auto detailing job then you are in for a real treat. Coming up next, a machine polisher will be used on your vehicle. This will not only give your paintwork a marvellous shine but will also smooth out any imperfections in the paint, often resulting in your vehicle looking more pristine than when it left the factory!

If wheels are to be cleaned then professional auto detailers will often remove them from your car, allowing them to reach all the hard to get spots, as well as the inner wheel arch. Heavy duty pressure washes are sure to leave your rims and tires looking good as new.

Next up is the interior of the car. During an in-depth auto detailing, they remove the mats and vacuum the entire interior of the car. This includes the seats, floors, and any creases or crevices. Once the vacuuming is done, the windows are wiped and dried to prevent streaks. Once the windows are done, the dash and all other hard surfaces are wiped down.

Finally, all of the hard work is sealed in using wax or sealant. This will help to ensure the finish stays pristine for as long as possible, as well as protect the car from future damage.

How can you tell if your detailers work is good?

While the overall appearance of your car might seem totally transformed or improved, there are some signs you can look for to make sure the job has been thorough and with no corners cut.

1) Go Over The Details

While this might seem obvious, being clear with your expectations and discussing them with your detailer will help ensure you’re both on the same page, leaving you without any nasty surprises when viewing the final result. This protects you both in the long run and ensures there are absolutely no misunderstandings when it comes to the vehicle that you are paying your hard earned money to have cleaned professionally.

2) Check over Packages

Any car detailer worth their salt will offer you a range of packages. And most of the time, unless you’re looking to sell or show your car, you may not need to purchase the expensive full package. By asking your preferred detailer about their packages and what they include, you could potentially save yourself some substantial cash. Review all the options your detailer has on offer and be sure to discuss this with them.

3) Key Questions

To ensure peace of mind there are four questions that you should ask your auto detailer:

How long will the detailing take?

How much will it cost?

How many auto detailers will be working on the car?

What kinds of cleaning chemicals, if any, do you use?

Asking these questions will help you decide whether this is the best detailer for you, and if at any point they appear vague particularly in regard to time and price, or if they simply do not have an answer for you, then it's usually best to find a different auto detailer.

For Attention to Detail, Think XYZ

If you’re a car owner looking for supreme quality auto detailing work to get your car back to its’ tip-top self again, then look no further than XYZ. With highly trained detailers with years of experience and a range of detailing packages to suit you and your vehicle, we’ll be happy to give your car the attention to detail it deserves.

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