5 Tips On Choosing the Best Awning For Your Caravan

5 Tips On Choosing the Best Awning For Your Caravan

A caravan awning is like a tent you can attach to your caravan. It’s a great way to add extra space or room to your caravan or camper van to ensure a fantastic camping experience. 

Many campers and travelers opt to use a caravan awning to extend their vehicles as it is easy to set up and provides more privacy than installing a shade sail on the side of their caravan. So, if you love traveling in your caravan or camping out, buy a caravan awning as soon as possible. 

But before you jump into a shopping spree for an awning, you should first check out these tips on choosing the best awning suitable for your needs.

Choose The Right Type of Awning

A caravan awning can come in different types. The first thing you must remember when purchasing an awning for your vehicle is choosing the right type to meet your needs. The type of awning refers to the construction of the product. 

Below are the different types of awnings in the market nowadays. Check them out to learn which one is ideal for you. 

Porch Awning 

A porch awning is the smallest of all awning types. If you are only looking for a small extension of your caravan, this type of awning suits you. The porch awning is the easiest to set out of all the different types of awnings available. 

Full Awning

The next type of awning you might want to consider buying is the full one. It is more significant than a porch awning and can utilize the entire length of your caravan. If you are going to camp with a large group of people, this awning is ideal for you. 

You can invite guests over, and you won’t worry if you fit or not, as the space this type of awning for caravans provides is huge. This awning type is best for weekend camping and isn’t advised to be permanently installed as the materials used aren’t suitable for longer use. Moreover, take note that full awnings take longer to install. 

Residential Awning

The residential awning is the same as the full awning. It is big and occupies the entire side of your caravan. But unlike full awnings for caravans, this awning type is made of a heavier guidance steel frame, making the structure sturdier. 

That said, the residential awning is great for extended stays outdoors. If you plan to use your awning for a more extended period, you must opt for the residential awning. 

Consider the Material

The primary material you should look into when buying an awning for your caravan is fabric. There are three fabrics used in making awnings. These fabrics provide different benefits and uses. Check out below the different kinds of fabric you will most likely encounter when shopping for awnings. 

  • Canvas Fabric: Canvas fabric or also referred to as the classic fabric, is the first material that you will find in the awnings. It is what manufacturers prefer to use for its natural fiber cotton and its capacity to stay in good condition for extended periods.
  • Mesh or Screen Fabric: This material is unfadeable, unlike canvas fabric, making it a great choice if you constantly use the awning under the sun. It is also a breathable fabric allowing air to pass freely through the material. However, the mesh or screen fabric on awnings can’t provide privacy and can’t block the sunlight effectively.
  • Acrylic Fabric: Acrylic awning is the lightest of all three. It’s a material that is best used for folding arm awnings. This material allows the light to pass through but not as much as mesh.

How You Plan To Use The Awning

You must know how you want to use your awning. Do you plan to use the awning on a trip during the winter? Note that some types of awnings aren’t applicable for cold weather. You need to purchase the right awning for the cold months to ensure you will be comfortable throughout your stay. 

You also need to consider the space where you’ll install the awning. A porch awning could do the trick if you have a smaller space. But if you have enough room for a full or residential awning, you can purchase them. 

Read Reviews Online

Before you decide what awning to buy for your caravan, you should check out what other people who have already used the product are saying. Product reviews are the best way to figure out if the product you plan to purchase is worth it. 

Look for reviews about the durability of the awning and the convenience of transporting and installing it. Remember, different types of awnings have different difficulties in setting up. 

Know the Seller of the Awning

Aside from the awning itself, you must also consider where you’re buying the awning. Some sellers don’t mind the quality of the awning they’re selling as long as they can profit from it. To know if the seller is legit, you can also check for reviews left by their previous customers. 

Look at what other buyers have to say about the seller, the quality of the awnings they’re selling, and the customer service of their shop. This way, you’ll know that you can reach out to the seller if you aren’t satisfied with their products. 


Caravan awnings are very beneficial, especially if you love traveling on your caravan or are staying on your vehicle as your primary residence. It is easy to install and take down, can be carried everywhere, and is reliable. 

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