5 Signs You Need to Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer

5 Signs You Need to Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto accidents often lead to extensive bills from medical treatment and vehicle damage, lost wages in the recovery period, along with pain and suffering. This unfamiliar territory can leave you confused about the course of action to take to get justice and compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, this compensation is not issued automatically and may require significant negotiations and legal action to get what you deserve.

To get clarity on your case and avoid making mistakes that you might come to regret later on, talk to a lawyer. Most highly experienced auto accidents lawyers will offer you a free consultation and case review. This way, you have nothing to lose by reaching out to an attorney to review your claim and take you through your rights.

You suffered catastrophic injuries

5 Signs You Need to Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer

Critical injuries suffered from a car accident are likely to result in high medical expenses and take time to treat and heal. The injuries might gravely affect your lifestyle and leave you incapacitated to resume work. You are entitled to compensation that covers your years of medical care, lost income, physical and emotional pain, and suffering in such a case. Determining compensation is not easy, and you will need the help of an expert auto accident attorney to help you work it out.

You suffered permanent disabilities

If the accident resulted in impairment or permanent injury that will significantly impact your quality of life, talk to a reputable car accident lawyer like Dennis Hernandez & Associates. Working out some issues like income loss as per your work-life expectancy or intangible issues like lost enjoyment of life can be difficult. A car accident attorney works in consultation with field experts to help you work out a reasonable claim.

Multiple persons were injured

Where a car accident injured several people, even if these people come from the same family, consult a car accident lawyer. This is because investigating a case involving several personal statements can complicate the case and delay settlement. An attorney is well trained and experienced in handling multiple claims and testimonies. In addition, they can track down other victims from this accident whose depositions may be effective in protecting your interests and filing your claim.

You are having trouble with the insurance company

5 Signs You Need to Talk to an Auto Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies are in the business of profit maximization and will therefore hardly have your best interests at heart when settling. Talk to a lawyer when the insurance company is unwilling to pay your claim, delay processing it, or offer you a meager settlement. The auto accident lawyer will fight for your right to get the compensation that you are entitled to.

When insurance, police, and medical reports are contradictory

When the information contained in the insurance, police, and medical reports is contrary, it might result in a denial of your claim. Should this happen, engage a car accident attorney to investigate your case. The attorney’s evidence, together with yours, can be used to dispute what these other reports say about the accident.


It is advisable to follow up on your insurance claim as soon as possible, lest the insurance companies take advantage of the statute of limitations. In most states, you will have up to two years from the time you got involved in a car accident to file a suit. Should this period lapse before you file, the insurance company gets freed of their obligation to compensate you.

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