5 Helpful Car Washing Tips From The Pros At Washos – Best Car Wash Santa Monica

Car washing can most of the time be a pain-in-the-ass, time-consuming burden, whether you take your car to a service centre or do the washing personally. With a view to easing this burden, the pros at Washos – best car wash Santa Monica have graciously listed out their top 5 tips for a more efficient and satisfying cleaning of your car.

1. Know Your Soap

This tip not only works when self-washing your car, but it also provides you with adequate knowledge to ask for the most suitable types of soap when you choose to take your vehicle to a service centre. 

Choosing the right and quality types of soap will not only ensure a clean wash but also greatly preserve the delicate layer of wax on your car. 

Still not sure which types of soap is best for your car? Why don’t you start with this article. Disclaimer: The list of detergents given in the cited article work best on black vehicles.

2. It Is Vital To Use The Right Tools

One of the most important aspects to judge a service centre is the array of cleaning tools at their disposal. If a garage’s tool set is too shabby and lacks the necessary variety for each cleaning step, I suggest that you turn around and entrust your vehicle to another centre.

The most important tools that should be present in any decent garage are:

  • A car wash hand mitt 
  • Applicators and brushes
  • Foam cannon
  • Vacuum and blower
  • Quality drying tools/ fabric
  • Comfortable rolling work seat
  • Many garages are also equipped with personal LED detailing lights, which allow them to clean the more hidden and awkward spots more easily

3. Timing Is An Important Factor

All pros warn against washing your vehicles in direct sunlight. The reason for this is the direct light and heat will force the water and the soap to vaporize too quickly, leaving stains on your vehicle. Hence, it is also advisable to keep your car wet with light drizzle, to the point that it is ready to be properly dried. Parking in the shade or washing your car early in the morning are also two ways to stop the pesky stains from forming.

4. Some Waxing Know-hows

According to many detailing experts, waxing your car 2 to 4 times per year is the ideal way to take care of your vehicles. 

The process of applying the wax is pretty straightforward in itself, with most packaging providing the step-by-step instruction. The most important waxing tips are to rinse off the dust on your car first, and get rid of any water residue before waxing. You should also wax in a straight line and leave your car to dry before polishing it with a dry cloth.

One of the most creative ways to test your end result is to place a ruler at a roughly 90° angle to the surface and see how many numbers you can read from the reflection.

If you are still baffling on which brands of wax to choose, check out this car wax review video immediately

5. Coca Cola Can Be Used To Clean Dirty Windshields. How Convenient Is That?

This last tip leans more to the DIY side of car washing. The versatility of Coca Cola has always been some sort of a n “urban legend”, with many claiming (alongside video proofs) that this soft drink is capable of so much more than curing your thirst.

One of these many alleged functions is actually proven in this case. After a long dry spell, your windshield turns into a huge dirty, speckled, and undesirable “abstract painting”. Aside from the more pricey and chemically heavy cleaning liquid, Coca Cola steps up to be a just as effective alternative. 

To clean your windshield with Coke, simply stretch a towel and place it at the bottom of the windshield, directly under where you want to clean. This towel will act as a protection layer to keep the liquid from ruining your hood paint. Then, pour Coke directly over the glass. The bubbles will wash away the dirt and the grime. Remember to reclean your shield afterwards to get rid of the residue sugar. You don’t want any of the sticky dry sugar to attract more dirt. 

Have A Great Car Wash Session Folks

Whether you choose to bring your car to a detailing centre, or personally take care of the washing, these tips from Washos – best car wash Santa Monica will do wonders to your vehicles. 

Everything from choosing the right soap or wax, having the right tools to picking the best time to wash your car, every single detail can play a part in keeping your car at its tip top beauty.

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