3 Best Bikes for Inexperienced Bikers

3 Best Bikes for Inexperienced Bikers

Have you decided to join the glorious family of bikers? And this is the right decision! A motorcycle is the soul, the flight, the freedom, the way of life.

First, decide what you want from your motorcycle. Do you want a quiet, reliable and maneuverable motorcycle for the city? Or an option for the track? The answer to this question will determine the choice of model.

The first motorcycle should not be too powerful. An insecure biker simply can’t handle a sharp model. It’s not a car, where a sharply depressed gas pedal turns out mostly in financial losses. Here, an extra inch of gas can lead to the emergency room.

It is not necessary to take the most expensive and smartest model at once. The first bike you need for a season to learn to drive confidently and understand what, in general, you need from the bike. Then you will sell it all the same, but before that several times will thoroughly drop, scratch, probably rip the second gear. In general, think about a used bike. It’s a logical decision for a beginner.

A motorcycle for a beginner must be bright! The logic is similar to casino games online for real money. Like symbols in slots, your bike must stand out on the road. This way, you will be clearly visible on the road so that more experienced drivers will notice you in advance and have time to get out of your unpredictable way.

Lifan KP150

3 Best Bikes for Inexperienced Bikers

The small and not too powerful engine has a liquid cooling system that reliably protects it from overheating. This minimizes the possibility of engine damage due to overheating.

The six-speed transmission provides less fuel consumption when driving on the road, and also allows for a slight decrease in engine temperature and less vibration when driving.

Bajaj 220 Avenger

3 Best Bikes for Inexperienced Bikers

Coming straight from sunny India, this model is suitable for riding on city roads, despite the fact that many may think that such motorcycles are designed only for riding on lonely desert tracks.

Do not be embarrassed by Indian production because now many famous models of motorcycles are made at Bajaj.

The Avenger has a typical cruiser design with a large comfortable seat that is extremely comfortable to sit in, but because of the low height of this model, it may not be too comfortable for tall people.

Yamaha MT

3 Best Bikes for Inexperienced Bikers

Yamaha MT is designed specifically for beginner riders. And this motorcycle has been awaited. It is based on the four-stroke YZF-R3 sportbike engine – a parallel twin. The telescopic inverted fork completes the aggressive look. Suspension from the same sportbike adds maneuverability and obedience in control.

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