28x10x12 utv tires

28x10x12 UTV Tires – Taking Your UTV To The Next Level 

Are you looking for the perfect tires to take your UTV to the next level? Look no further than 28x10x12 UTV tires. 

These all-terrain tires offer superior grip and traction, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease. From mud bogs, dunes, rocky trails, and even snow – these tires can handle it all! With an aggressive tread pattern and durable construction, they are designed to last in all conditions. 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional racer – these tires will give you an edge over the competition. Read on for more details about why 28x10x12 UTV tires should be your go-to choice when upgrading your ride.

28x10x12 UTV Tires Comparison 2024

  • Best For Overall: [amazon link=”B006B235DA” title=”ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire” /]
  • Best For Quality: [amazon link=”B00QV59AVI” title=”ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire” /]
  • Best For Wet Condition: [amazon link=”B07G9MS8ZR” title=”Pair of 2 SunF A050 AT 28×10-12 ATV UTV Tires” /]
  • Best For Durability: [amazon link=”B07D1G5P6J” title=”Set of 4 SunF A050 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires” /]
  • Best For Price: [amazon link=”B0058KL7MC” title=”SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire” /]
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28x10x12 UTV Tires Reviews 2024

Best For Overall – ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire

[amazon box=”B006B235DA” ]

If you are looking for an all-season tire to equip your ATV, the ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire would be a great choice. This tire is perfect for all seasons and features a 12-inch rim size, 10-inch section width, 10 aspect ratio, load index of 65, speed rating of L, and load capacity of 1020 pounds. 

The tread depth is also impressive at 34 32nds. With these specs, the tire has great traction and stability on any terrain for a safe driving experience. I have been using it for a few months now, and I highly recommend it as an excellent option for anyone looking for a quality mud terrain ATV tire.


– Perfect for all seasons and terrain 

– 12-inch rim size, 10-inch section width, 10-aspect ratio 

– Load index of 65, speed rating of L, and load capacity of 1020 pounds 

– Great tread depth at 34 32nds offering excellent traction and stability 


– None that I can think of!

Best For Quality – ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire

[amazon box=”B00QV59AVI” ]

I’m impressed with the ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire’s features. It has a rim size of 12 inches and a 10-inch section width, giving it a tire aspect ratio of 10. The tire has an 8-ply rating and is 28 inches in diameter with a directional tread type. 

After installing it on my vehicle, I noticed that it provides excellent traction and stability when traveling across muddy terrain, even during the harshest weather conditions. Its thick 8-Ply construction ensures maximum durability and its tread pattern gives it enhanced grip over all kinds of terrain. 

Overall, the ITP Blackwater Evolution Mud Terrain ATV Tire has been great for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable off-road tire.


– Excellent traction and stability

– Thick 8-Ply construction 

– Tread pattern 


– Price may be higher than some other ATV tires on the market

 Best For Wet Condition – Pair of 2 SunF A050 AT 28×10-12 ATV UTV Tires

[amazon box=”B07G9MS8ZR” ]

Being an off-road enthusiast, I was looking for a reliable tire set that can cope with the varied terrain of my local trails and I’m glad I came across the SunF A050 AT 28×10-12. The tires have a 12-inch rim, 10-inch section width, 30-millimeter tread depth, and directional tread type with a 6-ply rating. 

They provide superior traction throughout the year in all kinds of weather conditions, and their 28-inch diameter is perfect for keeping the ride smooth and comfortable. I highly recommend these tires for anyone looking to get exceptional performance from their ATV or UTV!


– 12-inch rim for enhanced stability 

– 10-inch section width for improved grip

– 30-millimeter tread depth and directional tread type with a 6-ply rating 

– 28-inch diameter 


– Price might be too steep for some buyers

Best For Durability – Set of 4 SunF A050 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires

[amazon box=”B07D1G5P6J” ]

As a daily off-roader, I am excited to have the SunF A050 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires. They are designed to be used year-round and have an impressive 12-inch rim size, 10-inch section width, 638 load index, and 737-pound load capacity. The tread depth is 30 millimeters and the tread type is directional, as well as having a six-ply rating. 

I find that the tires provide excellent grip in wet or dry conditions, and are also great for off-roading. The tires are also incredibly durable and have held up well when subjected to harsher terrain. Overall, these tires offer tremendous value for money.


– Year-round use 

– 12-inch rim size 

– 10-inch section width 

– 638 load index and 737-pound load capacity 

– Tread depth of 30 millimeters  

– Directional tread type with the six-ply rating 

– Excellent grip in wet or dry conditions      

– Great for offroading  


– None noticed

Best For Price – SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire

[amazon box=”B0058KL7MC” ]

I recently purchased the SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire and I couldn’t be happier. The rim size is 12 inches, offering optimal traction and clearance for my ATV. I was pleased to discover that this tire has a tread depth of 2 inches, making it perfect for tackling even the most difficult terrain. 

I also appreciate the directional tread type of this tire which helps with stability and reduces slippage when riding on muddy surfaces. Additionally, it has a 6-ply rating which ensures durability and provides me with confidence during tough rides. With a diameter of 28 inches, it’s perfect for a wide range of ATVs and weighs only 48 pounds – lighter than some other tires in its class. 

Overall, if you’re looking for an all-season mud tire that offers reliable performance in any condition, then the SuperATV Terminator Mud Tire is a great choice!


– 12-inch rim offers optimal traction and clearance 

– 2-inch tread depth 

– Directional tread type 

– 6 ply rating ensures durability 

– 28 inches diameter 

– Lightweight at 48 pounds  


– None identified

Full set of ITP Mud Lite XL ATV Tires

[amazon box=”B00BV81JOG” ]

When I’m looking for a reliable tire to get me through tough terrain, I can count on the ITP Mud Lite XL ATV Tires. The tires are 28×10-12 and 28×12-12, and they have a 12-inch rim size with a 10-inch section width. The tread depth is 1.13 inches, and it features a directional tread type with a six-ply rating. 

I was surprised by how big the tires were since their diameter is 28 inches. The great part is that these tires are suitable for use in all seasons, so I don’t have to worry about having to switch them out when the weather changes. All in all, I’m really impressed with these tires and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an ATV tire.


– Durable 6-ply rating 

– All-season use 

– 12-inch rim size with a 10-inch section width 

– 28-inch diameter tires 

– 1.13 inches tread depth and directional tread type 


– Price may be higher than other brands

Tensor Regulator A/T All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire

[amazon box=”B01CI57URA” ]

My old tires were no match for the rugged terrain of off-roading that I like to do. After some research, I decided to purchase the Tensor Regulator A/T All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire. 

The tire is 28x10x12, with a 12-inch rim size and 10-inch section width, and offers 8-ply of protection. Not only does this tire come with a directional tread pattern, but it also has an impressive load index of 94 and a tread depth of 19 32nds. 

It is designed to handle all types of terrain year-round, so I can rest assured knowing that no matter where I ride I will have tire performance that is reliable and durable. Overall, this ATV radial tire by Tensor Regulator has been great for my vehicle and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for an all-terrain tire.


– 8-ply protection 

– Impressive load index of 94 

– Directional tread pattern 

– Ideal for all types of terrain and seasons year round  

– Reliable and durable tire performance  


– Higher cost than many other ATV tires

SunF Mud V-shape ATV UTV Muddy Tire

[amazon box=”B07DTL7JYC” ]

If you’re looking for an all-terrain tire that can handle mud with ease, the SunF Mud V-shape ATV UTV Muddy Tire is a great choice. I was pleased by the quality of the tires with their 6-ply rating as well as their strong, directional tread depth of 30mm. 

The 12-inch rim size and 254 mm section width ensure a comfortable and safe ride even on muddy terrain. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and I feel confident that these tires will provide me with reliable service for many years to come.


– 6-ply rating for enhanced durability

– Directional tread depth of 30mm 

– 12-inch rim size and 254 mm section width 


– Not suitable for dry surfaces

Maxxis Cheng Shin MU10 Bighorn 2.0 Tire

[amazon box=”B00AC6TJ3Q” ]

I had an opportunity to try out the Maxxis Cheng Shin MU10 Bighorn 2.0 Tire and I must say that I’m quite impressed with its features. It has a 10-inch section width and a load index of 83, giving me a maximum load capacity of 1074 pounds – perfect for my needs. 

The tread depth is 19.84 millimeters, meaning it offers excellent grip on different surfaces, while the non-directional tread pattern makes the tire suitable for both front and rear use. The 6-ply rating also ensures that the tire will last through plenty of tough terrains without any wear or tear. All in all, this is one tire I would highly recommend to anyone looking for top-quality performance!


– Maximum load capacity of 1074 pounds, perfect for my needs 

– Excellent grip on different surfaces 

– Non-directional tread pattern 

– 6-ply rating 


– None identified

Maxxis MU01 Zilla Tire

[amazon box=”B0067EL21E” ]

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the Maxxis MU01 Zilla Tire. The 12-inch rims provide the perfect balance of stability and maneuverability on rugged terrain, while the directional tread pattern ensures maximum traction even in wet and slippery conditions. 

With a 6-ply rating, these tires are incredibly strong and durable, providing excellent performance over long distances as well as short ones. The item dimensions and weight also make it an easy tire to install and store away without taking up too much space. 

All in all, I’m more than satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend the Maxxis MU01 Zilla Tire to anyone who needs reliable off-road performance.


– 12-inch rims 

– Directional tread pattern 

– 6-ply rating makes tires strong and durable 

– Item dimensions and weight 


– No cons identified.

Full set of Interco Swamp Lite 28×10-12 ATV Tires

[amazon box=”B00BV7VVG8″ ]

I decided to purchase the Interco Swamp Lite 28×10-12 ATV Tires for my ATV. The 12-inch rim size was perfect, and the 10-inch section width made the tires look great on my vehicle. I was impressed by the impressive tread depth of 1.56 inches, which provided me with a smooth ride over all terrain types. 

The directional tread type provides excellent traction in mud and other rough conditions, while the 6-ply rating ensures a safe ride even at higher speeds. The 28-inch tire diameter also helped to improve the overall performance and stability of my ATV, providing me with an enjoyable driving experience every time I hit the trails.


– 12-inch rim size ensures a perfect fit for ATV 

– 10-inch section width 

– 1.56-inch tread depth

– Directional tread type 

– 6 Ply rating offering safety at high speeds  

– 28-inch tire diameter 


– Not suitable for racing or professional use

ITP 6P0253 Black Ultra Cross R Spec Radial Tire

[amazon box=”B01I6JIEDQ” ]

After using the ITP 6P0253 Black Ultra Cross R Spec Radial Tire for a few months, I’m extremely pleased with its performance and quality. With its 8-ply rating and non-directional tread type, it’s perfect for year-round use on my ATV. The 28×10-12 size fits perfectly on the 12-inch rim and provides excellent grip when cornering and navigating uneven terrain. 

The item itself is surprisingly lightweight at just 3.7 pounds, making it easy to install and maneuver while driving. Overall, I’m pleased with this tire and will recommend it to friends looking for a reliable all-season radial tire!


– 8-ply rating for durability and longevity

– Non-directional tread type provides excellent grip in all terrains 

– Lightweight at 3.7 pounds for easy installation and maneuvering

– Fits perfectly on 12-inch rim 


– Some users may find the price point too high

GBC ATV Tires Dirt Commander Front/Rear Tire

[amazon box=”B077BSV48S” ]

Being an avid ATV rider, I was thrilled to find the GBC Dirt Commander Tires. The size of 28100012 and the 12-inch rim size give me plenty of stability on any terrain, while the 9.6-inch section width ensures a smooth ride. 

The load index of 30 and speed rating of E makes it good for even higher speeds, and the 27 mm tread depth provides great traction no matter the weather or terrain. With its 30.7-pound load capacity, I can feel confident on my all-terrain rides knowing that these tires can handle whatever I throw at them. 

Overall, these GBC ATV Tires Dirt Commander Front/Rear tires are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, durable option for their all-terrain vehicle.


– Size 28100012 and 12-inch rim size 

– 9.6-inch section width 

– Load index of 30 and speed rating of E 

– 27 mm tread depth 

– 30.7-pound load capacity 


– None!

SunF 28×10-12 ATV UTV Muddy Tire

[amazon box=”B06W55WZC4″ ]

I am impressed with the SunF 28×10-12 ATV UTV Muddy Tire. It is designed to handle all kinds of terrains and conditions, so it is suitable for year-round use. The tire has a rim size of 12 inches, a section width of 10 inches, an aspect ratio of 80 millimeters, a load index of 65.00, a speed rating of K, a tread depth of 30 millimeters, and a directional tread type of better handling. 

I have used this tire in many difficult situations and never had any issues with its performance or durability. It gives me great confidence that I can trust it even on the toughest terrain and in any weather condition.


– Suitable for year-round use 

– Rim size of 12 inches 

– Section width of 10 inches 

– Aspect ratio of 80 millimeters 

– Load index of 65.00 

– Speed rating of K 

– Tread depth of 30 millimeters  

– Directional tread type for better handling  


– None experienced

CST Wild Thang Tire

[amazon box=”B0714CHX52″ ]

As a side-by-side rider, I’ve been in enough mud bogs to know that you need the right tire to get out and stay out. The CST Wild Thang Tire does exactly that! The fanged tread pattern that extends over its shoulder gives me an extra cornering grip to help me dig deeper and claw out of muddy, slick conditions. 

Additionally, the bias-ply construction, lightweight 6-ply rated allows for excellent acceleration and braking power. This tire is designed to be comfortable on intermediate to loose-o terrain, giving me a smooth ride no matter where I’m going. 

The Wild Thang is truly a full-featured mud tire that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for improved traction in difficult driving conditions.


– Fanged tread pattern for extra cornering grip 

– Lightweight 6-ply rated, bias-ply construction 

– Designed to be comfortable on intermediate to loose-o terrain 


– None noted

28x10x12 UTV Tires Benefits

28x10x12 utv tires

Increased Traction and Stability 

The most obvious benefit of using 28x10x12 UTV tires is their increased traction and stability in various types of terrain. The large lugs provide excellent grip in mud or snow while the aggressive tread pattern helps keep the vehicle stable during high-speed cornering or tight turns on loose gravel roads. The wider footprint also makes it easier for drivers to maintain control over their vehicles even at high speeds when cornering or navigating through uneven terrain.

Durable Construction 

The 28x10x12 UTV tires are made from a special rubber compound that is designed to resist wear and tear. This material makes them highly durable, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often as other types of tires. The thick tread also helps protect against punctures and flat spots, making them an ideal choice for drivers who frequently traverse rocky roads or off-road environments.

Excellent Off-Road Performance 

Another great benefit of using 28x10x12 UTV tires is the excellent performance they offer in off-road conditions. The wide tread pattern provides outstanding grip on soft surfaces such as sand or mud, and the deep lugs provide excellent traction even on rocky surfaces. The tires also offer better handling in tight turns due to the increased stability provided by the wider footprint.

Smooth Ride 

The 28x10x12 UTV tires also provide a remarkably smooth ride for drivers who spend extended periods driving off-road. This is due to the large contact patch that helps reduce vibration and makes for a more comfortable ride. The wide tread pattern also helps absorb shock, which can help protect your vehicle from damage caused by rough terrain. 

28x10x12 utv tires

Reduced Rolling Resistance 

Finally, 28x10x12 UTV tires feature a unique tread design that reduces rolling resistance when compared to other sizes. This means you’ll be able to get more power out of your vehicle without necessarily having to sacrifice speed. This can be a great benefit for those who need to navigate difficult terrain quickly and efficiently. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing 28x10x12 UTV Tires

Tread Pattern 

The tread pattern of a tire is an important factor when choosing your 28x10x12 UTV tires since it determines how much traction they will provide on different types of surfaces. Look for treads with large lugs that offer plenty of grip on loose dirt and mud but also have enough space between them so they don’t get packed up with debris while riding over trails or off-road terrain. The lug depth should also be considered as deeper lugs provide better traction in deep mud or snow while shallower lugs work best on hardpacked roads or trails.  

Sidewall Construction    

The sidewalls of a tire play an important role in how well it performs. Look for tires with reinforced sidewalls as they offer better puncture resistance and a smoother ride over bumps or potholes. Reinforced sidewalls also help to reduce tire flexing which helps to improve handling, steering, and overall performance on UTVs. 


When looking for 28x10x12 UTV tires you’ll want to make sure they are the right size for your vehicle. Not all tires will fit every vehicle so it’s important to check if the size you are looking for is compatible before making a final purchase. Additionally, some vehicles may need specific sizes of tires such as narrower or wider ones depending on their design.    

28x10x12 utv tires


When choosing your 28x10x12 UTV tires, durability should also be taken into consideration. Look for tires with thick lugs and reinforced sidewalls as these will help to increase their lifespan and provide better performance in off-road conditions. Additionally, most UTVs require specific types of rubber compounds which need to be checked before making a purchase. 


Lastly, you’ll want to consider the price of your 28x10x12 UTV tires when making a purchase. Tires can vary widely in price depending on the manufacturer and features so it’s important to shop around for the best deal possible. Additionally, some retailers may offer discounts or special promotions that are worth taking advantage of. 

FAQs about 28x10x12 UTV Tires

What is the load capacity of 28x10x12 UTV tires?

The load capacity of 28x10x12 UTV tires typically varies depending on whether you are using a 4-ply or 6-ply tire. A 4-ply tire has a maximum load capacity of around 915 pounds, while a 6-ply tire can have a maximum load capacity of around 1,340 pounds. It is important to note that tires with higher ply ratings tend to be more puncture and tear-resistant than lower-ply tires, as they feature additional layers of material for increased durability. 

Additionally, some UTV models may require different load capacities than those mentioned above depending on the make and model specifications. When selecting tires for your UTV, it is important to consult your vehicle’s manual for the recommended load capacity and match it with the correct tire size and type.

28x10x12 utv tires

Are 28x10x12 UTV tires directional?

No, 28x10x12 UTV tires are non-directional. This means that the tread pattern on the tire is designed to provide equal traction in both forward and reverse directions. The symmetrical tread design and open shoulder layout of these tires also allow them to disperse mud, snow, and other debris with ease. Additionally, the tread depth of these UTV tires is designed to provide superior stability as well as exceptional grip and control on a variety of surfaces, making them an ideal choice for both recreational and work applications.

Does the tread pattern on 28x10x12 UTV tires make a difference in performance?

Yes, the tread pattern on 28x10x12 UTV tires makes a difference in performance. The symmetrical tread pattern and open shoulder layout of these tires provide optimum traction when driving on different surfaces. The tread design also helps to disperse mud, snow, and other debris with ease. The tread depth is designed to provide exceptional stability as well as superior grip and control. 

Furthermore, the tread pattern helps to reduce vibration and noise levels for a smoother ride. Additionally, the increased number of lugs on the tire allows it to dig deeper into soft terrain, providing better traction than tires with fewer lugs. Finally, a more aggressive tread pattern can also help increase ground clearance which is beneficial when driving over obstacles or off-road terrain.

What are the best operating pressure settings for 28x10x12 UTV tires? 

The best operating pressure settings for 28x10x12 UTV tires depend on the model and make of the vehicle, as well as its intended use. Generally speaking, a higher operating pressure offers improved ride quality, increased stability on rough terrain, and improved fuel efficiency. On the other hand, lower operating pressure will provide more grip on loose terrains such as sand or mud. 

For maximum performance, it is recommended to set the tire pressure to the manufacturer’s specifications given in the vehicle manual. It is also important to check all four tires regularly to maintain even pressure throughout them.

Additionally, using a digital tire gauge can help ensure accurate readings when taking measurements. Ultimately, choosing the right tire pressure setting for your 28x10x12 UTV tires can significantly impact ride comfort and performance.

28x10x12 utv tires

Can I use an inner tube with my 28x10x12 UTV tires? 

Yes, you can use an inner tube with your 28x10x12 UTV tires. An inner tube is typically used to provide additional protection against punctures and air leaks in a tubeless tire. While it is not necessary to use an inner tube when using this size of UTV tire, it can be beneficial for riders who are looking for extra protection. 

When choosing an inner tube, it is important to select one that is the correct size and type for your specific tire size as well as the terrain you are riding on. Additionally, when fitting the inner tube into the tire, ensure that it is properly seated within the rim and ensure all valve stem parts are securely fastened before inflating it. Finally, make sure to check the pressure of both the inner tube and tire before each ride to ensure optimal performance.


The ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire is the perfect choice for anyone looking to equip their vehicle with 28x10x12 UTV tires. With its aggressive tread pattern, it offers superior traction in all types of terrain and conditions. Plus, its radial construction provides excellent stability and control while driving on trails or over rough ground. 

[amazon box=”B006B235DA” ]

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an off-roading enthusiast, these tires will meet your needs without breaking the bank! So don’t wait any longer and make sure that your ride is ready for whatever comes next – get yourself 28x10x12 UTV tires today!

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