10 Hidden Storage Hacks For the Home

10 Hidden Storage Hacks For the Home

If you have a particularly small home with a big family, it can feel as though you have no storage space for anything. Before long your home will begin to clutter and this can bring all manner of stress – not to mention the hazard of constantly tripping over things. Fortunately, there is much that you can do to create the space you need without having to sell up and move to a bigger property. In this article, we’re going to share 10 hidden storage hacks for the home! 

1. The inside of your cabinet doors 

The inside of any cabinet doors, whether they be in the kitchen or bathroom, can be used for hanging various items. Simply add some hooks to the inside of the cabinet door and you’ll be good to go! 

2. The underside of cabinets 

10 Hidden Storage Hacks For the Home

If you have floating cabinets in the kitchen with some wall space underneath, why not consider hanging some mini-shelving with hooks to keep items like mugs and various other utensils handy? 

3. Utilise the smaller walls 

Wherever you have small walls that may otherwise seem useless, add shelving for storing books or other items. Make every square inch count! 

4. Convert the space under the stairs 

You are likely already using the space under the stairs but how organised is it? Why not convert it by adding shelves and creating a better optimised space for additional storage solutions?

5. The space above doors

10 Hidden Storage Hacks For the Home

The space between the top of a door and the ceiling can be utilised for storage space. Take the bathroom as an example: it’s an ideal spot to store extra towels or spare toilet roll. 

6. Above the toilet 

As long as you’re not banging your head every time you sit down to go to the loo, adding shelving above the toilet is a great way of utilising some wasted space in the bathroom. Just make sure you start leaving the toilet seat down otherwise you’ll constantly be knocking things off into the bowl!

7. Under the decking 

If you have elevated decking in your garden, then you can always create a hidden trap door underneath where you can store some of your garden supplies – great for keeping your garden as clutter-free as possible. 

8. Utilise the corners 

Corner shelving is an amazing way of utilising the otherwise useless, empty corner spaces in your home. This will create plenty of opportunity for you to de-clutter your home and keep things better organised. 

9. Buy a bedframe with hidden drawers 

10 Hidden Storage Hacks For the Home

Particularly if you have certain personal items that you would like to keep hidden away, such as a fleshlight for example, then having a bedframe with some hidden drawers underneath would be an excellent solution! Your privacy is important. 

10. Hang your laundry basket on the bedroom door

In fact, the door in practically any room in the house is prime real estate for any storage. Hanging your laundry basket on the bedroom door is a great example of how this space can be utilised. 

11. The Takeaway 

The trick is to get creative. Rather than panic and feel trapped in your own home, start looking at all of the empty space that can be utilised. We hope that this article has given you some inspiration and that you are now ready to start clearing away some of that clutter. Good luck! 

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