A Complete Guide To Automotive Modification & Customization Patents 


 Automotive modifications and customizations have become increasingly popular as car enthusiasts seek to personalize and enhance the performance of their vehicles. While many modifications may seem straightforward, they require significant engineering and design expertise.  After putting in all the hard work, the last thing you want to see is other people reap the benefits. The […]

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EVs Remain A Good Choice As Year-End Approaches


 There can no longer be any doubt that electric vehicles (EVs), which are currently enjoying a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 22%, are the future of driving and transportation. Although Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle market, other brands including Tata, MG, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Audi, BMW, and Hyundai have also garnered a […]

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Can I Record A Cop When They Pull Me Over


 Most courts agree that under the First Amendment, you have the right to record police officers in public as they perform their duties, including pulling you over. However, it would be best if you didn’t record officers secretly or in a way that interferes with their duties.  If the police retaliate against you, or you […]

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