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Finding The Best Motorcycle Boots For 2020

Quick Comparison: Top Motorcycle Boots

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Choosing the best motorcycle boots can be both fun and confusing. With all the lavishing designs out there, picking the right motorcycle boots can be really hard. Therefore, you should know the qualifications of the right boots for riding a bike. Also, you have to know what kind of boots you should be wearing for each type for rides.

What are the best motorcycle boots? We can never give an exact answer to that. Why? First, there are a lot of a varieties and brands that are equal with the other. Second, each motorcycle boots have purpose. Take this an example. there are motorcycle boots for sports and racing. Some boots are touring. Others are boots that are for commuting. In addition, there are even motorcycle boots that are just for flaunt and style.

But there are general specifications for each motorcycle boots. Regardless of purpose, there are guidelines that you should follow in choosing a motorcycle footwear.


Also, don't ever think that you don't need motorcycle boots. Actually, you badly need these gears for your safety. In fact, between 2001 and 2008, 30 percent of non-fatal motorcycle injuries take place in the legs and feet. And the worst of all, leg and feet motorcycle injuries are the majority in that statistics. A motorcycle accident lawyer from Austin, TX, shares: "While it is important to address non-fatal injuries, it is equally crucial to emphasize that quality boots can actually be life-saving. In many cases, proper foot gear can prevent the types of leg and foot injuries that can lead to complications, amputations, or even death."

Therefore, you have to pay attention to the importance of protective gears while riding a bike. This is because for that fact that you don't know when accidents will strike. Even though how careful you are in driving, road accidents can be inevitable. Most of all, the risk factor increases because you are riding a motorcycle-a vehicle that requires constant balance and stability.

Wearing ordinary footwear when riding a bike is unacceptable. Instead, you really need motorcycle boots that are sturdy and comfortable. These boots are great because they have protective features, shifting pads, soles that are slip-resistant, and retentive laces.

Notably, many are thinking that the best motorcycle boots are those that disregarded comfort. Apparently, it is the opposite. A good motorcycle footwear is a combination of comfort and protection.

To complement your boots, having a nice pair of dual sports tire and a cool pair of gloves is what you need!

Choosing The Best Motorcycle Boots

Type Of Riding


The kind of ride that you are doing determines the choice of motorcycle boots that you have. You don't wear a racing boot if you are the commuter-type. In the same way, it is wrong to bring touring boots if you are into dirt riding. However, if you are different motorcycles and doing different kinds of rides, then having varieties of motorcycle boots are necessary. Hence, using one pair of foot gear for various kind of trips is a grave sin.

Style And Length

There are different styles you can choose for per variety of motorcycle boots. Most of the time, we give more importance to the style and design, which is understandable at some point. However, when it comes to boot length, there are only limited options. For instance, some boots are so small that they give little covering to the ankles or Achilles' tendon. Choosing boots that have little coverage may make you feel unprotected.


The best motorcycle boots can cover the delicate parts of your legs. Just as the same as hiking boot. However, you should pick a bike foot gear that can fit your feet well.

There are also full-length motorcycle boots that extend up to your calf. These boots are still good because they have extra space for you to fit your riding jeans.

Protective Features

The level of protection is not the same for all motorcycle boots. The truth is, the most protective motorcycle boots are those used in racing. Sometimes, the same quality of protection is also present on some touring boots. These type of boots are also great if you complement them riding jeans instead of leather pants.


Moreover, you should choose a motorcycle boot that has to cover on its exterior. Such of these are shin and ankle padding. These layers will give your feet protection against impact. They also keep your foot from moving too much. Furthermore, you should look for protective features such as are shifter pads and toe sliders.

Of course, the more expensive your boots are, the more protective features they have. This is because a pair of low-end boots may have the least protection to offer. Hence, wearing a quality motorcycle boots is better to wear than ordinary shoes.

Water Or Air

In choosing motorcycle boots, considering the elements may be necessary. Therefore, if you are looking for waterproof boots, then you should opt for those that have a full construction. Aside from that, these type of motorcycle boots can shelter your legs from getting wet. Also, they should offer your feet protection and comfort. However, water can still slip inside your boots if you are pants are loose.


If the weather is dry, wearing a vented motorcycle boots is the best choice. The reason for this is because the leather construction of a vented boots allows airflow inside your legs. Since this type of boots has holes and perforation, the passage of air is possible.

Moreover, for your convenience, we suggest that you should have both kinds of boots!

5 Of The Best Motorcycle Boots

With all of these being said, let us go now to our list of the best motorcycle boots.

Take note that we have chosen each of these boots based on the qualifications we set.

best motorcycle boots

Via Amazon


● EVA footbed is removable

● Reflector on its rear for night detection

● Three fully adjustable Velcro straps

● Straps have TPR technology, hence you can pull them with ease

● Durable and comfortable inner collar lining

● CE certified

The Alpinestars Roam 2 Air Boots is perfect if you are looking for a vented motorcycle footgear. This boot has tiny perforations that allow air passage for cooler feeling during hot weathers. And even if you have wet foot, this boot can take care of them. Alpinestars enables the constant movement of air inside it, thus removing the moisture.

More than that, the protective features of this boot can make you happy. The Alpinestars Roam 2 Air Boots have heel and toe counters plus dual density ankle cups to maximize its resistance to impact. However, you should not worry about the comfort. In fact, this footgear has microfiber interiors and a lot of accordion flex panels for the satisfaction of your feet.


Construction is sturdy and rigid
Made for durability and longer runs
Presence of rear reflector


Possibly not waterproof
best motorcycle boots

Via Amazon


● Soles has grip areas

● Replaceable footbed

● Heel counters are reinforced

● Has elastic zipper

● Velcro faster band

● Shin plate and shift pad that micro-injected

● Presence of Gore-Tex for comfortable linings

● CE Certified

It is now time we will showcase you one excellent pair of a motorcycle footgear-the TCX Airtech EVO Gore-Tex Boots. These motorcycle boots integrate the Gore-Tex, Condura, microfiber technologies to ensure that it has breathable feature for your feet.

What makes TCX Airtech EVO Gore-Tex Boots unique is that is made for handling wet and dry climates. Furthermore, it is one of the few motorcycle boots that can surpass the limits between choices. Because of this feature, you don't need to buy two pairs of foot gear for different weather conditions.

The latest versions of TCX Airtech EVO Gore-Tex Boots can give you more comfort without sacrificing protection. Therefore, you can expect that this brand of motorcycle boots will give you adequate protection, thanks to its TCX technology.


Both vented and waterproof
Extremely comfortable
Lightweight and breathable
Sturdy construction


Some retailers don't offer this product. Be careful where you buy
best motorcycle boots

Via Amazon


● Waterproof and breathable

● Presence of sturdy gear shifter guard

● Non-slip sole

● Overall Velcro integration

● TPU shift pad

● Later foam are shock absorbers

If you are looking for boots that can handle extreme conditions, then the Cortech Latigo Air Road Race Boots is right for you. This motorcycle boot is perhaps the best choice if you are into racing. Many have already tested the endurance and durability of this boot. And all of them are impressed with the quality of construction of Cortech Latigo Air Road Race Boots.

Whether it is raining, snowing, or scorching, the Cortech Latigo Air Road Race Boots can handle them. It has Air-Mesh linings, thus making it breathable in the dry seasons. The front and rear area of this boots are covered in pads for maximum protection. Aside from that, the VR sole of this boot enables tighter grip.

Furthermore, the autolock zipper of this boot has a covering of Velcro closureflap. The Cortech Latigo Air Road Race Boots has leather stretch panels, thus, making it more comfortable and durable.


Durable, impact resistant
Can survive accidents
Presence of different protective features
Lightweight and convenient to use


You might need the Dainese D-Core High Socks to prevent unexpected rubbing motions
best motorcycle boots

Via Amazon


● Waterproof

● Goodyear wet sole

● Metal toe guard

● Interiors has air mesh

● Straps and tabs are replaceable

● Sole is non-slip

We can never exclude O'Neal Rider Boots in the list of the best motorcycle boots. This brand of motorcycle boots has been imitated for several times. But until now, none of these mimicries succeed. This level of class is probably one of the reasons why bike owners are hogging for O'Neal Rider Boots.

This footgear can give your feet adequate protection and style. Aside from that, riding with performance and stability is all possible if you are wearing this boots. The reason for this is because of the presence of its four-way buckle system. In addition to that feature, its welt sole is made from Goodyear technology. Hence, you can expect that you won’t feel any rocking on your feet.

Also, the O'Neal Rider Boots is lightweight, durable and cover most sensitive parts of your feet and legs. To complement that feature, this footwear can also get rid of moisture and warm air.

Several reinforcements are also present in the heel and ankle region to make sure that there is sufficient protection and support on your foot. Meanwhile, the O'Neal Rider Boots is adjustable, regardless of the size of your feet.


Tested and proven
Has a lot of features for better riding experience
Impact and vibration resistant
Waterproof and breathable
Sturdy, compact construction


No Gore-Tex technology present


● The leader is water-repellent

● It has air-perforations for waterproofing and moisture escape

● Reflector is present in the rear part for evening visibility

● Both ankle guard and shin guard are shock-resistant

● Footbed has vibration-control feature

● It has TecnoGI thermoplastic toe cap and heel cup

● TPU technology in shift pad

One option you can have a great motorcycle foot gear is the Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots. This footwear can turn any hot conditions into breezy days for your feet. Similarly, there also perforations to make it breathable and for moisture to escape. In this way, your feet won't get dry, and no foul odors will leak out.

The Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots also has a lot of protective features to show off. Its flex panels have latex foam that is built for shock absorption. In addition, its grip and stability features will keep your feet from rocking and slipping. Also, it sole has a VR single density compound to make sure that you can have a tighter grip. The zippers are auto-lock and are fully covered with Velcro fasteners. Hence, you won't get any trouble when wearing this one.

Nonetheless, the physical appearance of this boots will certainly make you look cool!


Shock and vibration resistant
Full protective features
Fit for different feet sizes
Waterproof and breathable
Durable and long-lasting


The moisture protection of this boot is lesser in contrast to other brands

Final Verdict


In conclusion, here is the summary of our picks for the best motorcycle boots:

As you can see, all of these boots have all the qualities that we are looking for a quality motorcycle footwear. All of them have features that make them durable and comfortable to wear. Aside from that, their respective technical feats are offering more protection and resistance to impact and shock. We also love the fact that all of these brands possess night-time visibility.

Most importantly, these boots are waterproof and breathable. Even if you have a foot that frequently sweats, these motorcycle boots can get rid of them.

If you let us choose the best among the best, it would be the Alpinestars Roam 2 Air Boots. We prefer this brand because of it infused a lot of advanced features and technology to assure protection and performance.

And that's it. Do you have any comments, questions, and suggestions? Ask us! We love to hear from you!

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