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MotorManner is borne out of passion.

Yes! ...You heard it right.

Ours is a passion for motorcycling.

If you are looking for a one-stop resource that gives all the information that you need about the motorcycling world, be it the machines or the people who are crazy about them; you can find all about them right here on this website.

And How?

The Motorcycle Enthusiasts are always on the lookout for more and more information regarding the latest bikes, the local motorcycle clubs, the travel routes, images, maintenance tips, etc. Since you are on this page, you would definitely be looking for some information regarding your passion for motorcycling.

We have cherry picked for you some of the top websites on the Internet with a view to giving you all the information that you may need.

These websites contain information that ranges from travel blogging tips by the fellow bikers, down to the finer aspects of maintenance, knowing about the best motorcycle helmets, boots, accessories, etc.

We, therefore, present for you the review of 60 top motorcycles blogs on the Internet (and counting!). Each website listed here specializes in something or the other related to the world of motorcycling which will definitely be of use to you.

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Faster and Faster

If you love motorcycles and motorcycling news, reviews and updates, this is THE bog for you.

This Decade old website, set into motion by Sameer Kumar, Faster and Faster is full of the latest motorcycle stories from all around the world. The motorcycle reviews given here are comprehensive and cover every aspect.

Besides this, you will get many motorcycle design ideas, motorcycle videos as well as the best of high-resolution exclusive photographs that are a delight to watch! .

The Web Bike World


If you are looking for the review of the latest accessories connected with your passion for riding, this is a blog that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Covering a host of motorcycles and equipment with well over 4500 reviews to its credit, this site is a virtual goldmine if you are looking for something specific.

The Web Bike World covers the reviews of your favorite motorcycles in a very comprehensive manner; something that would amaze you!

Hot Bike


A division of the Bonnier Corporation, this website gives all the reviews of the latest models of top names in the world of motorcycling.

Hot Bike features full-length videos of some of the rarely seen hybrids and concept bikes with the latest technology and features that will leave you spellbound.

Motorcycle Melee


Motorcycle Melee is literally about the madness of motorcycle.

It offers a variety of information about all motorcycles and the USP of the reviews here is the totally unbiased view as it does not discriminate against any brand be it a Harley Davidson or a Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki or anything else!

The Goal here is to give information and if that is what you are seeking, do pay a visit here and be surprised!

Cool Cycle Dude


As the website aptly describes itself as “Motorcycle conversation and a whole lot more!”, this gem of a blog by Bill Whitman is all about his thoughts woven around his passion - motorcycles.

Having ridden a number of motorcycles around the world in the past 40 years, Cool Cycle Dude is full of his insights about the different aspects of motorcycling.



YouMotorcycle is a lifestyle blog about motorcycle enthusiasts.

It takes contributions from all over the world by international motorcycle professionals and has a huge contributor base that includes people who appreciate motorcycling and view it as not just a hobby or a mode of transportation or just a sport but a lifestyle statement.

Dale Frank’s Blog


From what started essentially a chronicle of personal motorcycling experiences, Dale Frank’s Blog has evolved to a bigger coverage over the recent years and has a lot of information about the automotive world.

This blog is not just restricted to motorcycles but also covers aspects of the entire automobile industry.

The Selvedge Yard


The SELVEDGE YARD is essentially a photo gallery that informs and celebrates the cultural icons not just in the automobile industry but also in practically every sphere.

The Look and feel the site will amaze you!

Here you will find beautiful images and write ups on just about anything - be it cinema, pin-up beauties, muscle cars, rock & roll, motorcycles, etc.

Return of the Café Racers


This is a personal blog by Geoff Baldwin, a bike lover who started this website by the documented stories of his Kawasaki W650 Cafe Racer.

Return of the Café Racers covers articles and reviews of motorcycles, riding gear and motorcycle lifestyle events and is a tribute to custom motorcycle scenario and the passion of people who work behind the scene.

CSC Motorcycles


This is the official website of CSC Motorcycles, located in southern California.

With a successful Motorcycles business for over 3 decades, it is a story about the passion for excelling in the motorcycle industry.

CSC Motorcycles is a well know name associated with the industry leaders like Harley Davidson spare parts and high-quality accessories in 1989 and designed the updated version of the famous Mustang Scooter.

Visor Down


This is a full featured website which gives insights into various aspects of motorcycle and motorcycle related content.

Here, you will get all the news about the latest bikes and accessories along with comprehensive reviews by the experts.

There are also forums and features that will interest a new rider and give you insights about various aspects of motorcycling.

Olympia Gloves


When it comes to safety and comfort, you simply cannot afford to cut corners.

Olympia Gloves is all about safety and is one of the Most Prestigious Company that supplies to some of the best Labels all over the world.

It is involved in manufacturing high-performance gloves for retailers in power sports goods, outdoor equipment as well as the most trusted fashion brands.

Michael Padway & Associates


When you buy a motorcycle, accidents and insurance claims are a part of the reality check.

Michael Padway & Associates is an Experienced Motor-cycle Accident Attorney based In California who has an unblemished record of settling the claims.

Injured riders can have full faith in getting the best deal when it comes to availing his services as their accident attorney.

Spartan Motorcycle Couriers


When you think of same day delivery of precious consignment, your search will often end with the Spartan Motorcycle Couriers Services.

Operating 24 X 7, the Spartan Motorcycle Couriers Services. guarantee same day, on time, delivery at all major destinations in UK.

The World Rider


The website is about the explorations of Allan around the World and covers the information any biker would love to have before starting a long trip.

It covers every aspect of the trips like the routes, road conditions, Culture and Cuisine.

In a nutshell, World Rider is all about riding around the world.

Let’s go!

Charlies’ Place


Charlie's place deals with Restoration repair customization and up gradation of the Honda motorcycles. with the highly trained staff who specialize in all the variations of Honda motorcycles, you can be assured of the best of services when you give your motorbike for any job.

At Charlie's place you can be assured of Reliability and optimization of performance when you give your vintage Honda motorcycle.



MotoLady is a brainchild of Alicia Mariah Elfving and created to encourage aspiring women riders and makes it one of the few websites about women in the world of motorcycling.

MotoLady covers various motorcycles oriented articles in industry news, art, motorcycle fashion, design, and marketing, etc by way of some really catchy original photography and videos.

Inside Motorcycles


Inside Motorcycles is a web magazine full of in-depth articles of the Canadian motorcycle scene and s a rich resource for riders as well as racing enthusiasts throughout the world.

It is published ten times in a year, inside motorcycles covers the latest news articles with some really superb dynamic photography about the worldwide development in the motorcycle industry.

Russ Brown


Riding a motorcycle and insurance claims go hand in hand, and therefore every motorcycle enthusiast is almost certain to face a situation in which he or she would need a really good insurance attorney.

The Founder of Russ Brown attorneys is an original motorcycle rider who started this company in 1975 to help fellow bikers.

Contact him HERE to prevent being taken advantage of in any claim related to personal injury.

Bikesure Insurance


Bikesure helps you find the best quotations for the insurance of your motorcycle or a scooter without compromising on the quality.

It has been in the forefront of providing affordable insurance cover to 2 wheelers as well as four wheelers of any kind and can give you offers that are tailormade to your needs.

Bikesure Insurance has innovative plans that suit all budgets and other requirements.

Motorcycle Central


Are you looking for the best online resource giving you the most practical tips as you go riding on your motorcycle?

Or maybe the safety measures that you should be taking in various countries around the world.

You are sure to find something that will help you when you browse motorcycle Central for the various articles regarding tips, news, reviews etc on motorcycling.

Dairyland Insurance


Dairyland Auto is an insurance company that has been in operation since 1966.

It has been well known for its ethical practices in providing insurance cover to motorcyclists and automobile owners at highly competitive rates with money-saving discounts that suit all budgets and requirements.

It has an outstanding customer service that is very responsive to all your needs.

Battlefield Biker


Battlefield Bike is a lovely blog by TJ Linzy, about Motorcycle History and Touring.

It is a simple yet informative collection of information about various historical sites by way of articles, pictures, and videos that are designed to inspire and offer entertainment.

It is also a resource for pictures, videos, and podcast to historical areas that you can see for free!

Ride Stop N Go!


If you want some great motorcycle riding information by the way of easy to understand articles, maps and entertaining videos then this is the right place for you.

Ride Stop N Go has been made with the aim informing you of the best rides and places to eat in North America. You will also find great reviews of some cheap and best Motels!

Sash Mouth


This is a personal blog by Tina, devoted to description of motorbike trips all over the world.

You will also find a number of reviews of all kinds of motorbike gear be it leather jackets, shoes, helmets, snow goggles, etc.

Sash Mouth is also an inspiring story of changing priorities in life and living up one’s dreams.

Motorcycle Philosophy


A blog by Steve, a San Diego, CA-based motorcycle rider fond of long road trips, rustic time bars, and beautiful places and writing about the mysteries of life.

This is a beautiful collection of hundreds of articles that cover a motorcyclist’s “Prospective from the Road”.

At Motorcycle Philosophy you will find everything you need to know listed neatly under easy to follow heads like Routes, Places, People, Living, etc.



This is most certainly not an average motorcycle website as it deals with not just the rider but also the Pillion’s passion about the motorcycling.

It views at bikes being a part of the family and you can see many biking stories along with engaging and entertaining snapshots of the world seen from the pillion seat of a motorcycle.

Best Beginner Motorcycle


This is a personal blog by Ben who started Best Beginner Motorcycles dedicated to authentic, well-researched reviews of bikes from across the globe with rider safety as the first concern.

The aim of this blog is also to building a great community.

For the new bikers, there is a very informative "Getting Started" guide, with some of the best information grouped up in one place.

Greg's Motorcycle Adventures


This website by Greg is all about his passion for traveling on his motorcycle and is full of many experiences and stories that he had during his quest to see the world.

​You will also find many useful tips and hints , as well as reviews of various motor biking gears and gadgets on Greg's Motorcycle Adventures, that would help you in your planning your trips.

Liz Jansen


This is a personal blog of Liz Jansen -a writer, storyteller, facilitator, and adventurer.

Having ridden a motorcycle since she was a teenager she recounts beautifully the firsthand account of her personal experiences and tells us what it takes to excel as a motorbike rider; qualities that are equally applicable in all fields of life.

Edelweiss Bike Travel


If you are looking for the experience of a motorcycle trip of a lifetime, this is the website that will help you do it with precise planning.

With over 2,350 motorcycle tours in the last 36 years under its belt, Edelweiss Bike Travel is something that you cannot afford to give a miss!

Total Motorcycle Website


Total Motorcycle has a deep history of helping support motorcycling worldwide!

It has been around well over the last 12 years and has won many accolades, awards, and letters of appreciation.

Total Motorcycle has the distinction of having been featured in some of the most widely read automotive magazines worldwide; as well as in the premium newspapers like the Los Angeles Times!

Motorrad News Blog


As is apparent from its name, originally in German language, the Motorrad News Blog is a very informative resource which covers all the News & Reports in the world of motorcycles.

So, in case you are looking for a review of your favorite motorcycle or the news about the latest launches along with their reviews, be sure to check this out!


A unique concept, bikerbilly is something that every biker would love to follow on their social media network. It covers the lesser talked of but equally important aspects of motorbiking - the events, the food, and the get-togethers!

Why not be a part of the many events like cuisine contests, area bikers meet, etc that they frequently organize and make a change in routine during your outings?

Biker Rogue


BIKER ROGUE is a personal page from a veteran Biker-cum-Photographer that gives insights into the lifestyle of a biker. The beauty of the photographs is eye-catching with many of them published regularly in national magazines over the past 5 decades!

You will also see some great writings on technical along with the links and personal reviews of motorcycling related events.

Motorcycle Views


The Motorcycle Views Web site contains many featured articles about motorcycling. If you want some information about the motorcycles of various makes and models, you will definitely find it here along with the images and videos.

You will also find out “how to” of riding techniques, maintaining your bike motorcycles, etc.


This is a blog that has an attractive and smooth layout; with an archive running into many pages, there are stories that cover not only the latest releases of two wheelers but also the news about the racing world! keeps up with the latest in the world of racing, including write-ups on teams, in the most informative manner.

California Reinecke Motorcycle Attorney


This is a firm started by California’s motorbike accident attorney, Tom Reinecke; and is acknowledged to be one of the California's premiere Motorcycle Accident-Injury claims specialist Law Firm

It boasts of a one of the highest claims settlement success Rates (98.7%) hence is very high in demand by motorcyclists.

Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books


Every Day An Adventure!

This is an account of the adventures of Sam Manicom who had been writing about his travels since 1996.

He is over of the most widely read adventure motorcyclist with the tales of his journey published in form of books what have been featured in the world's most premier magazines and newspapers.

You will love to read the travel account of Sam Manicom who is unforgettably one of the foremost adventure writers of our times.

The Riding Centre


If you are a beginner wanting to learn driving motorcycles you can do so by enrolling in the riding center in New Jersey; one of the best places which help you in every respect to get your driving license too.

You can learn beginner as well as advanced courses from the best training faculty which will ensure that you become a confident and safe driver.



The WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) is a woman bikers’ global group that prides itself for boosting the interest in motorcycles amongst women.

You will find lots of interesting articles from around the world on the WIMA

It also has a comprehensive beginner’s guide that is bound to be helpful to all.

Graham Field


If you are fond of reading good traveling accounted in form of books this site will definitely hold your interest, as it presents some amazing offers and takeaways on books.

You can also find other things like fashion wear, bikers accessories, etc that would urge you to explore further.

The Adventure Rider


As the name suggests, the Adventure Rider is all about bringing out the spirit of adventure in you.

As a motorcyclist, you will find a plethora of activities to do. You will also find a lot of information about bikes, riding reports, photographs, and videos, etc.

For rally enthusiasts, there is a whole new section that talks about all the upcoming events that might interest you.

The Moto Adventure TasmaniaThe Adventure Rider


Moto Adventure Tasmania is a brainchild of Ian Sylvester and Helen Richardson, two motorcycle adventurers in 2007.

After being inspired by many riders were traveling the world by motorcycle with a view to creating a community of riders to share the adventure in Tasmania.

It is a virtual gold mine of informative articles that you would find very helpful during your trip to Tasmania.

The Star Motor School


The Jason Pridmore Star Motorcycle training School is famous for its highly organized approach to teaching riding.

Here, you will definitely be able to pick skills under the able guidance of its highly professional trainers.

Whether you are someone learning riding for the first time or are tuning you your know-how, you will find complete experience an amazing one.

Zen and Now


Richardson is a well-known adventure writer who started this website as an informative resource for the art of motorcycle maintenance.

Zen and Now intents to provide background content to his book, "Zen and Now - On the trail of Robert Pirsig" as well as the "Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", published by Knopf.

A look inside the online pages will convince you about the immense authenticity of his incredible journey.

Motorcycle Movers


As the name suggests, Motorcycle Movers can arrange the transportation of your motorcycle anywhere worldwide from Australia.

As a motorbike enthusiast, there are many occasions when need to transport your bike when you go on a road trip and you need the services of a reliable and safe courier to do the task of transportation.

Motorcycle Movers is a trusted name in transportation and you can leave all your worries to them.

Motorcycle Scotland


Scotland is a beautiful country and ranks among the best in the world for the scenic motorcycle riders that you can have.

It has a huge variety of landscape ranging from twisting mountain passes to cliff-top coastal routes, dense forests. etc.

Motorcycle Scotland is the internet's leading biking resource that will give you all the information you need for your adventure trip.

The Romania Motorcycle Tours


Romania Motorcycle Tours is a wonderful riding destination with a number of places to explore Romania.

It is a favorite destination of adventure motorcyclists.

Romania Motorcycle Tours offer a host of options to choose from when it comes to two-wheeled travel around the country's beaches, mountains, and open countryside.

Motorcycle Garage


If you want to get your motorcycle tuned by specialists, then a visit to Motorcycle Garage will convince you that you've come to the best of experts.

Motorcycle Garage are a premiere fuel injection and Intake and performance specialists who would help you enhance the performance of your bike.

You can also get many performance related accessories and tips by this leader in the industry.

Sisters Motorcycle Ride


Inspired by two sisters Augusta and Adeline Van Buren, who were the first women riders to ride across the length and breadth of the united states way back in 1916.

This blog celebrates the grit of the women who followed suit.

You will find many stories related to motorcycling world by people who reminiscence about their inspirational figures.

You can also add your own story here!

Blitz Motorcycles


In the world of top motorcycle blogs, Blitz motorcycles stands out or something totally different as it offers the best of custom build motorcycles from their state of art workshop located at Paris.

For motorcycle lovers on the internet, this is an ideal site where you can not only the best of hybrid and customized bikes but also can book one for yourself.



The name says it all. Motostays is all about staying together.

It brings the motorcyclists across the world in touch with each other, so that they can not only travel but also can share a stay with the other motorcyclists.

If you are fond of hitting the road often and are looking for budget accommodation where you can share your experiences and also reduce the cost by stay by living with fellow motorcyclists, who act as host, this is the place for you.

Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, and More!


Do you Love bikes and are fond of experimenting with them, or would like to assemble a motorcycle your very own?

Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, and More helps you do this and much more so whether you are thinking of the new kind of motorcycle exhaust or are just trying out the new design of motorcycle helmet you can check out here about the availability of parts and also how to go about it.

Australian Motorcyclist


For someone fond of motorcycle adventures, it would be so much easier if he or she could get all the travel related information at one place.

Australian motorcycle serves that purpose well; with a number of related services that would interest you.

If you are fond of following the top news in the motorcycle racing circuit, or are planning to go on a long drive but looking for motorcycle groups and events, then this is the place for you to explore.

Quick Throttle


This is an online magazine that covers most of the premiere Motorcycle related events, therefore, this is one of the best website in case you are interested in finding out the latest motorcycle beach rallies, or star-studded events the world over.

You can also get the reviews of the latest releases top motorcycles at the quick throttle .

Motorcycle Guide


This is one of the top websites which ideally can be described as “the motorcycle directory” on the Internet. It gives out everything you need to know about motorcycles and its related news in an easy to read form. has various sections like software, Street bikes, travel, web directories, racing, etc, which will make the task of finding any information easy for you.

Bhutan’s T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours


Bhutan’s T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours prides itself as the only one in Bhutan that exclusively promotes motorcycle tours in Bhutan.

For those who know, Bhutan provides some of the most beautiful landscapes and challenging trails that make it a haven for motorcyclists.

The Bhutan’s T.U.S.K Motorcycle Tours ensure that you get more than you aspire for, by giving an unforgettable and fascinating insight on your two-wheeled adventure trip on this mystical country.

Jefe Motorcycle Adventure


This is a multidimensional personal blog Jefe, an Australian with a passion for motorcycling.

Having been on his BMW R 1200 GSAdventure LC 2014 motorbike through as many as 55 countries and lived in three, this is one adventurer who's from Sydney, whose stories will hold you spellbound!

The 1st Gear Motorcycle School


The 1st Gear Motorcycle School is motorcycle school with its training facilities in many places like Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Burnaby, and New Westminster.

The USP of this setup is the extensive, hands-on training course and instructors who are ICBC certified.

The training classes The 1st Gear Motorcycle School offers is a healthy mix of practical, real world and classroom training.


At MotorManner, we know that a motorcyclist devotes more time riding a bike than reading about it; but a little bit of extra knowledge always helps!

We have therefore been browsing the internet for best of the biking blogs and websites, and marking out some of the best motorcycle blogs that have the highest number of visitors.

That was a list of what we felt were the top pick of motorcycling blogs that were reviewed by our expert committee with the aim of giving the motorcycling fraternity some additional inputs to help them follow their passion.

The list has been made randomly and hence the listing order is purely coincidental. It does not reflect the inter-say importance of any websites.

In any case, as far as we could see, they all cover different genres and hence all are amongst the very best! Of course, there are many other similar websites which cover the various aspects of the motorcycling world.

We hope that this comprehensive list helps you in understanding and planning your adventure and recreational motorcycle tours to the best of your advantage.

This is just the beginning; in case you wish to add any of the sites to the list, feel free to write back in the comments section below and we will surely add your recommendations based on editorial guidelines!

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